Thursday, 25 August 2016

Nurgle Plague Banner

I return to work in a week. It will be strange going back, living in a completely different house, though by autumn I expect things to have adjusted to the 'new normal'. Apart from attending the Oldhammer Weekend, Warhammer related exploits have been practically nil - save from this single model. My Nurgle Plague Banner Standard Bearer.

As with all my conversions, this started life as a badly broken figure begrimed in some god-awful black substance that may once have been paint. Cleaning him up as best I could, I used wire to build up the standard and paper (coated in yellow paint) to make the flag. The design came direct from The Lost and the Damned, though I jazzed it up a but in places and added a little texture.

This model was instrumental in destroying Steve Casey's slann force so he deserves a little post of his own. Hopefully, the jobs moving house seems to generate are no coming to an end, so more time can be spent working on some new (and old projects).

Speak soon.



  1. Fantastic texture on the banner. Is that sponge work, paint spatter, or something more advanced?

    1. Thank you. It is paint splatter created with a stippling brush. I mix ink in with the paint to aid the spatter. Very simple to do.

  2. You'd be cursing the job of holding that up in a stiff breeze. Looks like its made of skin.