Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Kev Adams' Sculpt-a-Face Charity Drive Returns for BOYL4!

I received an email from the distinguished Kevin Adams yesterday about his hope to repeat his charity 'sculpt-a-face' sessions at this week's Oldhammer Weekend (BOYL4). If you recall, for a donation of £5 or more to a charity of Kev's choice he will sculpt your face, or the visage of anything you should wish, on to any figure you present him.

Speaking to the equally distinguished, yet darkly mysterious, Gaj from Warhammer for Adults, we were able to deftly arrange a spot for Kev to work in on Saturday. All he required was a lamp and a solid desk and as anyone who witnessed him working last year will know that the Goblinmaster can produce a great deal of sculpted putty in quite a short time.

Have a look at a tiny snap shot of what he produced last year!

Now Kev is acutely aware that a number of people missed out on the opportunity to get something sculpted last summer, and is very keen to get cracking again. So if you are interested, make sure you bring along (or indeed buy from Foundry) a suitable figure and your donation.



  1. :)

    I would love to be able to sculpt/cast my own figures. Although it would be rather like giving a monkey the keys to the banana plantation.

  2. You lucky lucky UK based bastards :-)