Sunday, 24 April 2016

Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers: April Part 1 (I hope)

Preparing to move house has left me with the following opportunities for doing any Oldhammering: 'slim and none at all' - and slim has just left town! Despite this set back, I managed to quietly slip away from the list of jobs my wife prepares for me each weekend to dabble with a few of my many unfinished projects. The first of these is this month's TO4OG's post. 

Unlike the others (Chico, Steve and Paul), I am really struggling to get anything completed and I have several other pieces that I hope to share before the close of this month. Both models are pretty close to completion but I want a few more hours tinkering with them before I share them here. 

After fiddling around with a few snotlings last week, I became intrigued by the little fellas and fancied having a crack at some of the Nurglings I have lying around in my collection. I have managed to build up four bases of them from the odds and ends of collecting over the years and decided to do a test paint of one of them this weekend. 

You are looking at the result.  

I used a variant of the recipe I blogged about last week, only using slightly less Bilious Green in the mix. Not wanting all of my daemonic beauties to be green, I also opted to do something similar with brown, as you can see. On the Palanquin, all of the Nurglings were painted identically for ease of painting, while with these bases I was free to mix things up a little. I used purple and red sores to add a little cohesion to the models so they group together nicely. 

Sure, the painting is a little rough and ready around the edges - but I am strapped for time. As long as my models look vibrant and exciting on the games table from about four feet away - I am happy! A hard lesson to learn indeed! 

Unsurprisingly, Nurgling bases are not worth much in actual points. They weigh in at 30 points each, but combined with the next two models I hope to put out by the end of April, they will help raise this month's quota to around 180 points! 

Keep watching!



  1. I sold all my Nurglings and regret it, especially as ebay sellers tend to split the packs and sell them individually.

    1. I too was guilty of this, but I was able to buy back quite a number as odds and ends over the years. I still don't have quite enough mind, and with prices at around £1.99 each on Ebay, I think it will be a while until I increase their ranks!