Saturday, 30 April 2016

McDeath: Sir John Quicksure on foot

I have been very busy of late preparing for my house move, and after many weeks of frantic organisation we have hit a lull. Despite rushing to be prepared, dates have slipped back and so I must exist in a strange hiatus between abodes. Much of my Oldhammer stuff has long since been packed away, as has my lovely home computer and I dread the thought of having to unpack the lot only to repack it all again in the future. Thankfully, I have my school computer as back up and it is on my old academic workhorse that I type these words now.

As you would expect, there has been little opportunity to get anything done project-wise. I am left with a cluttered bunch of half-finished projects now, and I manage a few minutes here and there to tinker with them. As you can see, over the last week I managed to get Sir John Quicksure finished off. 

And what a struggle he was too. 

He must be one of the most lumpen figures I have ever had the misfortune to paint, and my casting is a rather battered lead version that must be at least thirty years old. Like many a knight of yore, this Sir John has certainly been 'in the wars' and much of his detail is bashed and bumped. 

I have written before about how hard I find painting gold. I had painted the figure once before but was very unhappy with the finish and so he was subsequently popped in the Dettol. My second version is no better than my first but I am done with the figure now and I am keen to move on to other projects. 

Quicksure uses a 'lion rampant' as his symbol and I attempted to freehand paint an example on his shield. Having never attempted anything like this before, and with limited time available, I must say the finished result is a little underwhelming - but he IS finished! Anyway, when he is placed alongside my other completed McDeath models he fits in seemlessly, despite his less than perfect paint job. I am satisfied with that and as I have said before, sometimes you just have to move on rather than obsessing over the finish of a single figure. 

Here in England we are enjoying a long Bank Holiday weekend. Perhaps due to the manic nature of recent weeks we have elected to do nothing at all over the next few days so I should find plenty of time to finish off some of those projects I mentioned earlier. The most important being the second part of my Tale of Four Oldhammerers contribution from April!

Fingers crossed I can get those completed and photographed today! 


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