Saturday, 18 July 2015

McDeath: When the Hurlyburly's Done - Getting Going Again

Kit McArno and his clan. I am using the original clansmen figures as character models at the moment. I thought it the best way of incorporating them into the game. 
I finished for the summer yesterday. So you could definitely say that the battle has been lost and won. Signing off after an extremely stressful and challenging term is always a strange feeling, and I found I had a rather bitter taste in my mouth as I drove home. The toll the experience took on my McDeath plans was considerable and I now have to re-evaluate my plans in the short term. 

I have two weeks to get ready for the Oldhammer Weekend and the McDeath game I want to play. I also want to finish a custom board for the scenario. 

So no pressure then?

In truth, it hasn't been a total disaster as I managed to get my McArno clan completed last weekend and even found time to knock up one of the McDeath buildings - the Rough Inn. I even managed a few snaps this morning before I was interrupted by my three year old daughter who was in need of assistance in the toilet! 

The McArnos pile out of the Rough Inn in search of a little vengeance. How dare they say they sport underwear 'neath their kilts!
The two clansmen figures were previously painted as part of this project while the remaining barbarians were all speed painted in the few hours I found spare over the last few weeks. I doubt I spent much more than an hour on each figure once my preparation stage was completed. I copied the tartan effect I applied to the earlier painted models to the rest of the group, to a larger or smaller degree. I also used the stronger colours of red and blue as a simple design for the shields - no time for fancy freehand at the moment! 

I enjoyed painting them. Though I ran out of my preferred flesh colour halfway through and forgot to order more. Some of these figures have flesh tones created from scratch by me. They are a bit ropey in places, but when fielded they seem to merge together quite satisfactorily. 

What do you think?


  1. Very nice...pressures of work and fatherhood can take their toll on hobby fun, but keep at it.

  2. Splendid and motivated minis, great job!

  3. Splendid! I hope this takes your mind off the frustrations of work - your posts are certainly helping me do the same!

    On another note, I am finding speed painting can be quite satisfying now as it gets you through the lead pile and prevents procrastination. Many of the models I now paint this way are coming out surprisingly well and I reconcile myself to the fact that I can always go back over the 'fails' (and not get so hung up as I haven't spent days on them). Hats off to you (and a select few other bloggers) who have been the inspiration for this. :)