Sunday, 26 July 2015

McDeath: Greevants

The final two models needed for Winwood Harbour are painted and based! Hooray! 
If you thought things were quiet here on Realms of Chaos 80s then you'd be wrong. Over the last few days, I have been very busy, painting, building and finishing off a variety of bits and pieces in readiness for the Oldhammer Weekend. All in all, I have made a great deal of progress and the conservatory, much to my wife's annoyance, has become a workshop of sorts with paint, foamboard, static grass and the like spread across the floor. 

Using the best of the poor light the weather has brought me, I finished off my final two McDeath clansmen models yesterday and I thought to share them with you here. The first is the shotput throwing clansman with the impressive beard and the second is the impressively bearded clansman brandishing two broken bottles. 

They were both great fun to paint but stretched for time, I employed (once again) my speed painting skills to get them finished in a morning. As before, I created a tartan pattern - this time in red. 

As a side note here, the broken bottle chap is going to represent the leader of the Greevants in my version of McDeath, Richard Greevant. Doing so allows me to utilise the four clansmen models alongside my barbarians, you see. 

He's already been in action today - sorting out that Bampot Kit McArno for daring to suggest that supportive garments are worn beneath Greevant kilts! I am sure a few amusing 'mini-games' could be created from this little bit of background and the clansmen models. 

The traditional 'Highland Games' played between the McArnos (in blue) and the Greevants (in red). 

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