Monday, 27 July 2015

DIEHARD MINIATURES: Undead Faction Concepts via Tim Prow

Two weeks back I shared some of the forthcoming greens for the new Oldhammer inspired DIEHARD MINIATURES project. I you recall, some of the models came from the aborted Antiquis Malleum line while others were brand new designs. Today, Tim Prow has been kind enough to send us a range of undead creatures for your delectation - if you find the sight of rotting, shambling husks that were once living, breathing being delectable that is! 

First up is this undead knight. I remember being really impressed when I first saw this model at Salute this year. For me, it has everything that a good old school style skeleton needs. Twisted gait, rusting armour and the blank, grinning face of a skull. Perfect. I can see him painted in faded glory as part of my undead force already. 

As before, I have selected the best photographs from the promotional materials Tim has sent me and I can show the all important rear shots as well as the concept art. 

I will hand over to Tim again now and he will explain a little bit of the background behind these models

"Undead Faction.

Undead, the Restless, Hungry Ghosts, The Damned.

A brief background.
The undead have arisen, but who binds them to their will? The Liche and Necromancer rule these fell lands. ‘Necromancers’, or lesser Liche and the dark evil wizards that dabble where they shouldn’t. Their one goal of controlling the undead will eventually lead them to their ultimate sacrifice, to join their ranks as a Liche. The Necromancer has power over the newly dead and those preserved in some way (mummies etc), to truly control the dead, they have to become it. The Liche despises necromancers for their dabbling in the arts, a true lord of the dead, must be undead. The ‘Liche’ are born of dark spells and rituals designed to rid the life force from their form while retaining thought and motion. 

The Liche control the long dead, both humanoid and creature. Skeletons are automatons, they fight or defend, they do not think. Zombies and the newly dead still have some vestigial control from their time as living beings. Undead Knights and Lords have an aura of their past, a muscle memory of who they had been, their training and desires, revenge rules them. They will have their armour and to some extent their earlier fighting skills. They lead the armies the Liche commands.

Many creatures fill the ranks of the dead, not just humans. Gromm Durr, the rotting Minotaur, a once proud beast now shackled in death to the bidding of the Liche, towering over his fellow humanoid undead. Armed and armoured with whatever he died using, this beast is more formidable than when alive!

Funding goal level figures.

1 Sir Basil Rathbone of Black Mere - Undead Knight 30mm tall.
2 Balthazar Reed – Necromancer 30mm tall.
3 Grom Durr - Rotting Minotaur 50mm tall."

I like this necromancer model too. Perhaps its the Cassandra from Dr Who style stretched face or the subtle use of skulls? He's menacing without being overblown, like many later Warhammer models were.

Finally, the undead minotaur! Certainly something I have never seen before and something can can recall Tim discussing with me. Why don't we ever see zombie elves, or orcs or even skaven? Surely they must be possible? I am pleased to see that Tim hasn't forgotten this exciting prospect.  

Remember that what you are seeing are all work in progress and the Kickstarter is not planned to begin until October or November of this year. Of course, as soon as things go live you will hear about it here. There will also be other factions beyond what you have seen so far. 

If you want to know more, have a visit to the DIEHARD FAcebook Group



  1. Loving the undead concepts and nice to see more races of undead, been something of a personal bugbear with one as one often has to kit bash item to make things like undead centaurs.

    1. I quite agree Matt - along with beastmen whose deformities transcend mere goat men.