Thursday 20 November 2014


After our recent discussions about the different types of troll that can be found in the Third Edition Warhammer World, I thought it apt to have a quick glance at another range that we haven't really given much love to here at Realm of Chaos 80s. During some recent research, I found these lovely two pages from the 'Eavy Metal section in White Dwarf 129 detailing the new (in 1990) Bretonnian range designed by the prolific Perry Twins - who also did some of the trolls we looked at last time!

This little selection serves a a prelude to what would be released some eight months later, with the full blown range of Bretonnians. I can well remember being absolutely fascinated by this group of miniatures at the time, partly due to the historical nature of the miniatures, but also because of the wonderfully bright and patterned colour schemes they came with. 

Something else worth pointing out is that each of the miniatures is named, though the references are far more historical and less pun-tastic that back in the 1980s phase. 

The article also moves on the showcase the mounted knights and the all new (then) plastic horses to replace the rather chunky plastic originals. Again, they are given quasi-historical names, including the curious 'The Green Knight' who seems completely lacking in that particular colour. Unless the green is suggesting that he not yet tasted battle!?

A truly great range this. I look forwards to exploring it a little more with you in the future. 


  1. There is a heraldry and painting guide for Bretonnian troops -- including many of these models -- in White Dwarf #136.

  2. I remember these colour plates very well! It was also the start for me to start collecting Bretonnian miniatures. By coincidence, many of them are featured in my recent photoshoot "Skaven vs Bretonnia":

  3. I love the tradition of naming individual miniatures. Bretonnian nobles especially lend themselves to this practice, but it enhances any unique looking miniature - writing names on a flattened bottom of all my miniatures is one of my (far off) ambitions for my mini collection (especially my Oldhammer orc army).