Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Perils of Buy It Now Bashing!

I must admit that I have laughed at the ridiculous prices that many internet traders give old school Citadel products. £29.99 for a single dwarf still available from the GW website as part of a set of 8? Or £7.99 for one Bretonnian knight that can be bought brand new from The Wargames Foundry along with seven others?

Any serious collector will no doubt have similar atrocious stories. Sadly, these greedy prices only confuse newbie collectors and encourage hyper-inflation with 4th Edition plastic monopose beastmen. If in doubt when selling an old school item on eBay, think carefully about what you are naming your listing and start at a 99p opening bid. A truly valuable item will always find its price. 

Anyway, the much maligned BIN deal turned up trumps for me this week when I stumbled upon this little collection of skeleton models for a shocking sum of £9.99 (including p&p). Binning the minging 1993 'musician' still leaves me with six fantastic models (including the great beady skelly that Thantsants showed off last weekend during our Third Edition game) and an undead rider for just over a quid each. 

No THAT's good value!

So good, I had to snap up a similar deal of Dark Elves today when I spotted them on the seller's shop. Now, I don't want to give away my secrets, but there is a little watermark on the picture above that may well give you a little clue to the seller. Be quick though, because there are a great deal of bargains on there at the moment, including lots of nice pre-slotta. 

Like I said... Be quick! 


  1. I find if you're not looking for anything in particular you can still find some pretty good deals. But if your trying find that one thing to complete the collection or what not, then you can't find a good deal to save your life. I think the key is to pretend like your not really looking for what your really looking.

    1. Maybe the key is to have a very large list of "what you're looking for" ;) But yeah, I've found some great stuff I thought I'd never own just by trolling around with nothing specific in mind.

  2. I managed to score 3 chaos warriors/champions for $5 ($10 after shipping) buy-it-now. I had all three, but not in duplicate (two in bone armor and the one with the jezzail)... and these were some of the harder ones to find on eBay. It was too good to pass up.

    I agree with Tarter Sauce, when you are looking for something in particular it never seems to come up. I suppose that's why I have sort of given up on plugging all the holes in my Realms of Chaos collection... but its pretty big so I am feeling content.

  3. I'm guilty of overpaying for some of this stuff, but I've found good deals as well. I mainly collect Undead and Chaos, but I have a core of stuff for these armies originally purchased in the late 80's. I'm looking to start a Bretonnian army soon with the Foundry stuff... Hopefully they will continue to revive more of these old castings!

  4. I lucked out on two metal armed RT genestealers for £8 inc postage a few months ago. Must have stumbled on them nearly as soon as they'd been uploaded :-)

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  6. And from the same seller I wanted to buy a set of six "dual weapon orcs": the Buy it Now was set at 9,95 gbp but someone get them before I did; I was so frustrated!!! These orcs are usually sold at 9 gpb each.

    Anyway I've noticed that every miniature appear at a cheaper price from a non-professional seller just after I've bought it by overpaying it from a professional seller. So now I've learned to wait and I'm collecting great stuff at the right price.

    here is the pic:

  7. Problem is that eBay seems to be the only place to get your old school miniatures fix. There are a few sites out there where you are able to purchase some nice minis but these are still rather steep. As already mentioned your best bet is to be patient as eventually you will get what you want; just might take a while. I must admit to falling foul of the BIN but occasionally it does serve a purpose. I draw the line at paying £200.00 for a piscean warrior though!!

  8. I got lucky and won all 3 genetealer familiars for £4. They're normally listed £15 BIN each!