Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Secrets of the Goblinmaster?

I had an email from Kev Adams the other day with a link to the Shadowkings blog. Tony Yates, a very fine gentleman himself and propriator of said blog, posted about his visit to the new Wargames Foundry site in Newark. During his visit, Tony Yates took the picture you can see above of Kev Adams back at work doing what he does best, sculpting miniatures for us to enjoy. 

I am sure that this picture will make many of Kev's fans pleased to see him looking so much better than last year, after his dreadful ordeal. But what is Kev working on? Obviously its top secret and the Goblinmaster told me that we will hear first all about this exciting Wargames Foundry project as soon as he is able too. But Tony's photograph does offer up a few exciting hints, if you zoom in a bit at his workstation and squint a bit. Once I got over the sheer number of tools that Kev uses to sculpt with, I quickly spotted the painted version of those lovely orcs and orclings that Kev did for Foundry quite a few years ago. And the greens look, unless I am very wrong, like similar greens in the same vein - more orcs for the Foundry!

Now this is just conjecture, but at Salute Wargames Foundry was busy promoting Warmonger Miniatures though there was little information beyond them being a Salute Special. Could Kev be working on additional models for that range?

Nude man fighting off equally nude (goblin?) opponents is an amusing symbol at the best of times and certainly fits in with the Goblinmaster's comedic touch with the green stuff. 

As you can see from these models, the range is everything you would expect from Wargames Foundry and Kevin Adams. Expertly crafted white metal models. I for one would like to see this range expanded on further. 

Fingers crossed!

Oh, and before I depart, here is a link to the wonderful interview that Kevin Adams did for me a few months ago. It seems to have got a bit lost in the ether, but that is my fault for not adding it to my sidebar. 


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  1. Great to see Kev Adams looking well :)
    Thank you for the tip, I shall keep an eye out for Warmonger miniatures :)