Saturday, 21 June 2014

Leadspotting: Bolt Thrower Miniatures' First Models!

Following up on my recent post about Bolt Thrower miniatures, its commander-in-chief, Tom Pugh has contacted me with the final greens of his first two releases. Stavros the minotaur and Bloddwyn the halfling. If Bolt Thrower is a new name to you, click yourself post haste this way to check out my previous article in this series otherwise scroll down to check out the final models alongside the original concept art. 

Bloddwyn is £3. Stravos is £6 and P&P to the UK is £1.50. If you dwell in Europe this rate is increased to £3.59 while the Rest of the World is £4.50. If you are interested in making a purchase or have any questions at all, just contact Tom at He will even issue you a Paypal receipt if you are so inclined!

Additionally, Tom is running a little bit of a competition which you can learn all about by visiting his Facebook page. The link is below.


  1. Well done, always nice to see a characterful look to new minis. Postage to Europe looks a bit steep though James... ;)

  2. That's a lot of money for awful figures...