Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Adventurer's Cart

Good evening (well, at least it is when I am writing this) and welcome to something of a rarity here on the Realms of Chaos 80s. A completed painted model by yours truly! When I say model, I should really say models, as there are three of them, but together they make up a rather satisfying whole. 

Eagle-eyed readers way very well remember me starting this model some months back, when I had acquired it and the Plague Cart rather cheaply on 'Not actually that Evilbay'. Here's a quick shot of what I started out with. 

And here is the finished version. Its taken me quite some time to get the pieces of this lovely model together, and there are a couple of small details that I may go back to in the future, but generally I am happy with the result. All the cart needs now are some actual adventurers to wander around after it, or indeed before it!

As always, feel free to post your thoughts, comments and suggestions.



  1. I like the cart, we always called ours the Loot wagon.


  2. The absence of a real yoke on those moels has always surprised me considering how welle they are deisgned. You found a nice solution for yours.
    Is there a reason why you don't base the cart with the horse?, It's good because it allows to hae separate models but it makes the cart very vulnerable plus the height difference is sensible. Anyway, don't let my pickyness shadow my awe of such beautifully painted models, Very good !

    1. I used florists' wire to twist a would be rope for my yoke. It looks suitably rustic and fits in well with the rather run down feel of the model. I don't base the carts because I like to use them to make barricades and things in games. Thank you for your kind words Mr Ass.

    2. Thank you , I just realised I shouldn't have been so hasty to base mine... ;)

  3. It looks great. I like the way you painted the pony.

  4. great work on your horse and cart, love the horse's patterned skin