Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Are you an Oldhammer General?

A flying visit today, just to prove that I am not dead really! The abomnible combination of work, family, commuting ( a new ill for me) and not to mention the wife's new desire to move house have all conspired to prevent me from blogging, or indeed, even painting!

One thing I can do is direct the many hundreds of visitors that this blog gets daily, thanks to you all, to quality third edition related links.

Last time it was the incredible Three Flies For Nurgle, and those of you who have not frequented that blog, then why not?

This time its the fascinating Oldhammer Generals blog. The propriator of said blog is none other than Jonathan Merry Esq. He has gone to the trouble of scanning for us some of the startling dioramas put together by the legendary Colin Dixon ( a man who deserves a post entirely devoted to his early 80s work ) which, though simple by model standards, have an immediacy and narrative often lost on more contemporary  efforts.

But that is quite enough from me, I like the images to speak for themselves.

How many of those classics are in your collection then?

Here are a few links you may find interesting.

So do yourself a favour, support Jonathan over at his blog and (hopefully) he will put on more quality old school goodness like this soon.

Big post promised on the weekend. We will be having an in depth look at the only scenario published for Third outside the rulebooks.



  1. Mindblowing... O_o
    I definitely was born wrong place and time

  2. Ooo...lovely. Amazed I'd never seen these dioramas before. As a fervent 3rd ed undead nut, I'm lucky enough to have all the zombies from the first image.

  3. Wow! Has been some time since I'd seen these. I too owned most of the zombie range and that flying lich-type character too. Always dreamt as a boy of being able to make such amazing dioramas as I read my White Dwarfs in the wilds of South West Wales.

    I need to look back into your archives here and reminisce more.

  4. I would consider myself an Oldhammer general. My local club has a game day planned on 15Dec2012. A buddy of mine and myself are planning to break out some third edition fantasy battle and Rogue trader for the young whippersnappers. The funny part is that I have had go back to find the scythe bits from back in the day to rebuild a unit of grim reapers, so I can field a legal 3rd ed Undead army.


    1. Glad everyone has enjoyed the images, here's hoping you have checked out Jonathan's blog too! Hey ColKG, you do know that the suggestions in Warhammer Armies are just that. You can field 1000 skeletons lead by an orc with a magic ring if you wish! Such is the beauty of Third.

    2. I guess you are right, I had forgoten. I haven't played a third edition game since the early /mid nineties. The later editions and army books have me conditioned to accept the army list as graven in stone and immutable. I think I will have to change up my plan and throw in a little weirdness.


  5. Thanks for the punt Orlygg :D
    I am looking forward to your next post about the scenario for 3rd edition.