Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Return of the Nurgle Warband

Just a quick update to show off the completed thugs. The miniatures themselves are pretty much finished though the bases need drybrushing and washing.

Many hands were responsible for the 1980s chaos thug range; Aly and Trish Morrison, Jes Goodwin and the Perrys. The central miniature (skeleton armour) is an unusual case. Its a bit of a jack of all trades, appearing as a chaos warrior in some catalogues, a thug in others (as I will be using it) before eventually retiring as a chaos champion in 1992. A lovely model though and my distinct favourite from this range.

Minotaur next.


  1. The thug on the left of your pic was the first ever mini I owned, given to me by a friend who was already collecting.

    Happy memories!

  2. Always wanted the guy with the tentacles - great mini.

    Love your work on the purple shield!

  3. never really thought much of the skelly looking guy, but after seeing him painted, i've changed my mind. Great job.

    your shield painting skills make me jealous :P

  4. Great selection of classic figures, and very cool painting! Nice, crisp-looking colors and great work on the shields! I've never been able to paint freehand like that and I envy your skills. Thanks for the blog, I'm really enjoying it!