Monday, 30 April 2012

Nurgle Warband Complete

Painted during some of the most challenging days of my life, my Nurgle warband is finally complete! I have a strange affinity with these models as they have shared the ups and downs with me without fuss or complaint. I also think that the beastmen are some of my best work to date- I hope fellow bloggers agree!

No updates since the 14th of April? I have spent the last couple of weeks working on the final five beastmen and a currently top secret 'other' project that I hope to be able to share with you soon- it needs to be completed first! The 'other' project took up a fair part of my time and I only began work on the beastmen half way through last week. I had some great fun experimenting with the old citadel inks and found that the colour effects they produce (deep and pigment heavy) ares quite different to the subtle shades of modern washes like the late Devlan Mud.

Well here are the beastmen. The first four are all scuplted by Bob Olley and were released around 1990 alongside the second volume of Realm of Chaos. The style is distinctly un-citadel (Bob had his own range called 'Iron Claw') and in the past I have found his models difficult to paint well. I think I did an ok job this time around though!

I think I have alluded to this before, but painting these old metal models is so refreshing and stimulating. After  years of painting up plastic space marines or rank of (fairly) identical ranked models its fantastic to work on miniatures that are all different. I love finding the little details that you only notice when painting has commenced- belts, pouches, talismans etc.

I included a beastman champion to lead the unit. This miniature is one of my favourite Realm of Chaos miniatures- released in 1988 and sculpted by the Goodwin (I think- please correct me if wrong) I am rather pleased with the colour scheme and over all finish of this one!

And to finish this blog, I shall share with you a group shot of the Warband in all its Nurglesque glory!

Until the next time.



  1. Great job on those figures. And the polar opposite in quality to the beastmen I painted recently as a "can I paint a unit in a day" challenge I set myself!

  2. Absolutely fantastic. I especially agree about how fun it is painting a bunch of very different figures, instead of a unit of very similar grunts. Keep up the excellent work.