Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nurgle Warband Approaches Completion

Just another quick update to share with you the completed second minotaur. Painted quite quickly for me yesterday in about 5 hours. A very enjoyable model to work on it was too, especially when considering GW's latest minotaur release... I am not a fan. The bases have also been finished off and help lend a little consistency to the chaos warband. Apologies for no close ups on the new minotaur, the shots I took were up to scratch so I'll have to take a few more at a later date!

I have 5 more beastmen to paint next, all of them Bob Olley sculpts from the Realm of Chaos 1989 release. I think I am going to do something a little more uniform with their colour scheme, so that they look like them have come from the same herd or something.

Until the next time.



  1. They look awesome! The lighting in that shot really does them justice, and their bases are great. I have to get my hands on the dude with the scythe someday, such a cool model.

  2. i was meaning to ask when you first posted a pic of the nurgle chaos warrior, whats your recipe for painting his rusty armour? looks great!

  3. I based the Nurgle Champion in old citadel colour chainmail before washing him with old citadel ink washes. I used four. Starting with chestnut, diluted with a little water, followed by dark brown ink (again, a little watered down) before using black ink to shade the crevices and black line around the armour panels. Once dry, I used orange ink in moderation to create little localised areas of rust. Again, once dry, I gave the model a healthy drybrush all over with chainmail before adding a final highlight of mithril silver using a small brush.

  4. Thanks, i'll try it out soon. I'm due to paint up my chaos warriors that have been sitting idle for over 20 years :)

    You know, "warbanding" is quite good at motivating you to get your minis painted up, you only have to do a few at a time. Its less of a chore than trying to get a whole army painted up in one go, but if you paint a few as you go the progress is noticeable.

    just finished playing another skirmish with my good friend on the weekend. if your interested, he just finished writing up the (biased) battle report;