Saturday, 20 February 2016

Pantheon of Chaos: Greater Daemon of Malal Head Update!

Those of you following the Pantheon of Chaos project closely will know about the recent green based on the classic Tony Ackland illustration of a Malal daemon. If you want to know more about the daemonic pantheon that inspired these models - look at my original article here.

As promised by Diego a few days back, this model will come with the alternative head shown here. Comparing the two, I much prefer this version. Those eyes look suitably soulless for my liking. 

More news as I get it!



  1. Have you seen the last female thug? It looks great:

    1. Indeed she does :)
      Maybe one more thug to go?

    2. These are brilliant. I've actually stopped looking in earnest for old miniatures (silly prices) as there is so much great looking new stuff in the pipeline.