Sunday, 14 February 2016

More Excellence from Pantheon of Chaos

You wouldn't fancy meeting these two lads down a dark alley? Though, I am certain the chap on the left buys his ale at our local supermarket. As promised, here is my second post about the goings on over at the Pantheon of Chaos. Diego sent me a load of WIP shots the other day and I am more than a little excited to share them. Time draws near (fingers crossed) to the Kickstarter too, and you can be sure that I shall help spend the news of it's launch when time. 

Perhaps you are wondering what the rest of this mutated masterpiece looks like. Well, scroll down to find out...

Sculpted by Diego, this two headed thug reminds me of the famous Realm of Chaos era beastman of similar design. Though the resolution of the photograph is not great, you can see that there is plenty of textural detail on the model, as well as a tiny nod to Nurgle on the mace head. The brace of daggers on the front of the chest are also a nice touch. 

Alessio has been working on this armoured chaos hobgoblin recently. Though I am not a fan of the impossibly sized morning star, the baroque chaos armour really floats my boat, so to speak. I love painting the details on the little faces GW's '80s designers adorned on some many a chaos warrior, and it is pleasing to see the trend continue in the 21st. 

A mighty nose on him as well! 

Speaking of hobgoblins, I think I reported before that Kev Adams has produced a single model for the project, with hopes that he can contribute more in the future. Again, there are the faces, not only one the 'two heads' but all over the armour too.

Diego gave me a little bit of background about this model, and a few of the others. 

DS: It represents a chaos hobgoblin champion ready to command the hobgoblins regiment. However, the figure turned out so well that we will write a special character profile for him, probably. The best thing about Kev is that after 30 years the style still there, frozen in time, so it's perfect for a "oldhammer" style project like this.

And having had the pleasure of watching Kev at work, I heartily agree. 

DS: This is a Chaos Champion of Fire and was sculpted by Christian (our beastmen guy) and one of the things I like the most about it is the Bob Olley style in the complex armour detail and overall pose. Let me explain a bit aabout the "fire" term. In Pantheon of Chaos the dark gods will be trying to return to the mortal plain by filtering through the very basic elemental forces which affect the natural order of things, like fire and water or even Life & Dead or emotions like Hate or Anger.

DS: This demon was sculpted by me. Following the explanation about the elemental forces and emotions, as you can see this big boy has no eyes. It's called a "war demon" because it can be summoned or just appear in places where a huge slaughter has happened, or is going to happen shortly. The growing concentration of rage and hate of the oppossing forces is what feeds them and serve as a guide for them. They can "smell" these feelings and hunt following that track. The more destruction on the battlefield the more powerful they get.

It seems the more we see of this project, the more exciting things become. Look out for more updates here in the future.



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    1. I suspect that these are just the tip of an incredible iceburg!

  2. These models are so nice!

    I agree with you about the oversized flail head on the Hobgoblin though - if it were me, I'd change that for a bill or pollaxe type head

    1. Yeah, the chain looks too think - but I also understand how difficult these things are to sculpt - and like you I would convert this piece. Probably with a spear.

  3. Just love that war demon, dear gods so want now....

    1. It is a beautiful piece, as you say. But its is still a WIP as far as I know - so hopefully the model will be even more impressive once complete!

  4. Can't wait for the Kickstarter....