Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Circle of Chaos: Oldhammer style miniatures Kickstarter

I had a very pleasant surprise returning home from work today, another Oldhammer inspired Kickstarter and one that has already reached it's pledge goal flashing up on my Facebook feed! I must admit to not being aware of the project before spotting the news and I expect that there are a great deal more potentially interested parties out there in the same boat. Hence this post. 

Anyway, out of the horse's mouth is always best, so let's hear from the team responsible for these new models. 

"Welcome to the first Circle of Chaos project! We are a group of sculptors who banded together to create the most evil and chaotic minions, mutants and miscreants ever seen. Now we are letting them loose upon an unsuspecting gaming world!

These models are all scaled to 28mm heroic in order to be useable in as many different game settings or systems as possible."

"This project is being run by Curtis Fell. Curtis is the owner of Ramshackle Games and has successfully run five previous Kickstarter campaigns.
The master sculpts of the figures are all completed and ready for the mould making process. We will be using a reputable casting company to produce the models. We are asking for backers to raise the money to pay for the casting and postage.
Therefore the risk on this project is low. The only real challenge will be to make sure that the casts are all sent out in time if this project receives loads of backers!"
Curtis Fell, who I have had the pleasure of meeting during the Oldhammer Weekends, is behind the project with his company, Ramshackle Games.  As I said, the project has already funded with twenty days remaining. And at £25 for seven metal miniatures delivered to your door, Circle of Chaos offers good value for money.

If you are interested in the project, more information can be found here.

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