Friday, 22 January 2016

The Lead of Winter: A Warhammer Fantasy Battle Day at the Wargames Foundry 5th March

"Far Corfe was once a thriving economic centre with a wealthy and tasteful artisan class keen to patronise the arts. The key to their success? The humble wool trade. The lolling, grassy hills that surrounded the town could easily sustain thousands of sheep, and the countryside was once awash with numerous little farmsteads specialising in fleeces. The town's location, built on a crossroads to Altdorf, Erzstadt and Middenheim, also helped, as it was easy to transport goods to and from the rivers that were the pathways of the Empire.
But the town has been in decline for over eighty years. New markets and cheaper produce from Kislev reduced the profitability of wool and though still viable, the industry is not what it was. Nowadays, if you ask the average peasant in the street across the Old World about Far Corfe, they would probably speak about the 'Grand Recreation' rather than its former role as the hub of the wool trade.
Some two hundred years ago, the chief of the Airyaxe Wound tribe, Todge-Dropper the Terrible, unleashed a swarm of orc and goblin raiders against the defences of Far Corfe. Legend said that the previous winter had been so harsh in their mountain fastness, that even the warmest undergarments could do little to ward off the evils of frostbite. Swearing appalling oaths of violence on the altar of Mork, Todge-Dropper set out to destroy Far Corfe and claim their enormous stores of warm, fluffy wool for himself. He swore that warm underdrawers would be the spoils of a successful war and all of those who followed him could return home with as many pairs as he wished. 
As all schoolboy students of history can tell you, Todge-Dropper was defeated and Far Corfe was saved in one of the most remarkable battles in history. Due to a series of remarkable coincidences, field armies of men, dwarfs, gnomes, halflings, wood, sea and high elves were all in the immediate area when Todge-Dropper launched his poorly timed assault.
Dick FitzInwell, leader of the Far Corfe militia, couldn't believe his eyes when rank after rank of elite fighting men marched up the road towards the town walls within hours of him sending out the call to arms. Bjorn Whiffabigun, the dwarf mercenary captain was the first to arrive. Swiftly followed by a combined elvish force lead by the sorceress Pyria Sweetcherry. Their timely arrival meant that Todge-Dropper's vanguard were beaten back and Far Corfe was able to re-enforce itself considerably. Eventually, Todge-Dropper's forces were crushed on the wooden walls of the town, though the orc leader's body was never found.
So remarkable was the victory, that the nations of those involved continued to celebrate it years after the final survivor had died. Every ten years, hundreds of warriors would arrive in the town, from all over the Old World, for a week long festival of feasting and re-enactment. Local tribesmen were employed to dress up as Todge-Dropper's legions and a 'Grand Recreation' was fought (using safety weapons) to the delight of the adoring crowds.
Since the town's decline, the Recreation has become less and less well attended. Though all of the nations involved still send token units of troops. Interest in the spectacle is waning. Mayor Haywood Jablomi, the current ruler of the town, is now faced with being the last leader to organise the event. This year's low key celebration will be the last of the 'Recreations'.
But unbeknown to Jablomi, or the crowds that are forming inside the town, this year's event is soon to spiral out of control. For the winter has been long and harsh....
And something is coming..."

'In Defence of Far Corfe': A Warhammer Third Edition Fantasy Battle
The organisation is simple. Anyone you wants to become involved in the battle needs to bring TWO units of equal points value. ONE unit needs to be from a 'goodie race' (Empire, W H Elves, Dwarfs, Brets etc) and ONE unit needs to be from a 'baddie race' (undead, skaven, orcs, goblins).
No chaos units please - as they won't fit into the narrative as well.
All units will need a named levelled character to lead them (lvl 5 - 15) and a full write up of their stat line, equipment and special rules on a handout. No magical items - as they will be up for grabs during the game. 

Warlord Paul has suggested using these:

The battle will be fought using the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Third Edition rules, with a far greater emphasis on 'narrative gaming' rather than traditional tournament play. The GMs will be organising the layout of the battle, including the placing of all units on the table, out of sight of the players. The units you will command, as well as you position in the command structure of the 'good' and 'evil' sides will be determined randomly. It is extremely likely that you WILL NOT be playing with the models you bring on the day. 

The town of Far Corfe will be realised using the cardstock buildings from Warhammer Townscape, so if you have any of these models in your collection please do bring them along.
This battle is open to all, and if you are interested in attending please email me or sign up to the Event Page on Facebook - though you will need to be a member of the Oldhammer Community on Facebook to follow this link. 
Of course, the Wargames Foundry have loads of other tables going free, so if you fancy playing something else and want a lively atmosphere in which to game, why not come on down and join us?
We hope to see you there! 
Wargames Foundry
The Carriage Court
Stoke Hall
Church Lane
East Stoke


  1. Sounds like fun. I'm not a member of the Oldhammer group, so could you put me down as interested in going?

    George F

    1. Everyone is welcome as we are using the Foundry shop as our venue, and just like us the Foundry are extremely welcoming!

  2. I'm not a 3rd. Ed Fantasy player but I can appreciate phallus puns. 😀

    1. Puns have a long pedigree in old school Warhammer. Just not this rude.