Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Oldhammer Bookclub: Characters from Zaragoz devised for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Hello all. Blog posts are a bit thin on the ground in early September here at the Realm of Chaos 80s. I have gone back to school after the long summer break and things are very intensive. Long days, but I am really enjoying teaching Year 2 (that is 5 and 6 year olds) again after my previous stint with the older children.

Following on from the last post concerning Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay comes this, thanks to Mr. Kevin Green, who provided details about where in the White Dwarf archive further references can be found about Zaragoz. 

The article comes from an irregular series which was, to all terms and purposes, the final load of WFRP material published in the magazine. They used characters from the GW Books line and gave them a roleplaying twist so they could be used in your own adventures. The article we are looking at here appeared in issue 119 of WD and detailed the four 'main' characters of Zaragoz (an interestingly, three of the characters we discussed as part of bookclub) namely, Orfeo, Estevan Sceberra, Semjaza and Arcangelo. 

I reckon it would be pretty simple to convert these stats to Warhammer Third Edition and actually have these characters take part in scenarios of my own devising. Orfeo, the well travelled troubadour, and Semjaza the wizard are probably best game-wise but what of suitable models in the Citadel range?

If you have any ideas - let me know!



  1. The original Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book had a system for converting your character for Fantasy Battles, should work just fine in reverse.

  2. It depends what you consider "the final load" but they were still publishing WFRP articles well into the White Dwarf 130s. The last article, I believe, was revised rules for social status in 138.

    They covered Plague Daemon in 125 and Storm Warriors in 137.