Saturday, 26 September 2015

Fancy owning a Tony Ackland original?

Tony Ackland has long been associated with the Oldhammer Community. He has been interviewed twice (here and here) for this blog, contributed to countless discussions through social media and even gone as far as travel the near length of England to attend third Oldhammer Weekend

After so much interest in his portfolio, Tony has decided to put some of his original art up for sale. As you will know, the other Tony (he who is known as Hough) did much the same in past years and many enthusiasts were delighted to own a piece of Citadel history. 

Nothing is for sale yet, but I have offered space on this blog to Tony to create a little gallery of his work on sale with details of cost and billing. 

As soon as I hear more expect to see more information here. Until then, why not enjoy a few lovely images from his extensive collection. 


  1. Keep us updated about artwork from Tony Ackland that's for sale!

  2. Don't know if anything came up, but if there is still anything on sale I'd be interested!

  3. If you're still in contact with Tony, please have him get in touch with me. I was a TSR editor in the 1980s, and I have a question I'd like to ask him. Thanks.