Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Oldhammer Blog Needs Your Support!

Today has had some surprising news. The old Oldhammer Blog that was set up as a precursor to the Internet Forum and the Facebook Group trends second when you search the term 'oldhammer' itself. This posed an issue or two for those of us interested in promoting the ethos and broadening the scene. What would a newbie (to borrow an awful internet term) make of us all if the second thing they saw was a sparsely updated list of links? In truth, not a lot probably.

To remedy this, I have volunteered my services towards producing a weekly overview post detailing the 'best of' the painting and modelling efforts we have published in our community. It was actually a really rewarding experience going through all of the posts on the blogosphere, on the Internet Forum and in the Facebook Group to collect the material, though it was a bit difficult to narrow things down to about 8 entries a week. Please do check out my efforts below, here's the link. 

Actually, before you pop over there and check out some inspirational work from a diverse bunch of enthusiasts there are a few things you could do to help us promote the Oldhammer Community and support the blog. 

They are:

1) If you have a Google account, please follow the goings on of the blog formally. There are over 330 of you following this blog at the moment and it would be wonderful to see some of you doing the same over on the Oldhammer Blog. 

2) Contribute an article! Have you always wanted to have a go at producing an article but don't have a blog? Well, just email me your text and I'll do the rest. Hey presto, you are published! If your manic scribblings are worth reading of course! 

Thank you all in advance!

Now get into action!

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