Friday, 28 February 2014

NEW Antiquis Malleum Greens by Drew Williams and more Ackland Concept Art

Great news this morning for those of you eager for more info about Eastern Front's Antiquis Malleum range of Oldhammer inspired miniatures. As you will have seen, Drew Williams (the other principle sculptor we have on the project, along with Tim Prow) has completed his first three greens. What do you think?

Additionally, more of Tony Ackland's concept art has oozed out babbling incoherently from the Realm of Chaos. Among them are the striking images of the proposed 'chaos steeds' that will, hopefully, be used to produce mounted versions of the figures above. And before you ask, there are plans afoot for armoured versions of these mounts too. As with the other models, these steeds will be scaled to the '80s Citadel range so if you are having difficulty finding chaos mounts for your old school models, these will prove to be rather useful. 

Have a look at the ideas and tell us what you think. 

The new concept for the lesser daemon of Malign. There is talk of developing the blades into pincers. 

The new concept for the greater daemon of Malign. 

A variant of the Chaos Steed idea for the initial run of Malign figures. 

Another variant of the Chaos Steed.
As always, please comment below if you have a suggestion or opinion about what you have seen as your ideas really do help this project develop. Additionally, if you want to become more involved, pop along to the Oldhammer Community on Facebook and sign up. Mick Leach, owner of Eastern Front Studios, is a very active member and regularly posts ideas and WIPs that we don't share publicly. 



  1. Long time reader, first time poster - I'm very interested to see these when they finally come out. So far it all definitely has that "Golden Age of GW" feel dripping off it.

  2. We need some mounted knights to take the pressure off ebay prices! Lovely stuff so far.

  3. They are very nice. I hope they'll also make some "good guys" to fight with those. "Punk/hair metal" elves for example !

  4. Such vile magnificence! And steeds too - tis a great day for the dark gods!

  5. Those minis really match the art perfectly.

  6. When will these be available?

    I want every fig I've seen so far.