Wednesday 17 April 2013

Fantasy Miniatures: A Mine of Oldhammer Inspiration

The ever knowledgeable Steve Casey (or Bridgend Steve, if you are that way inclined) has written a wonderful little article about the first Golden Demon awards over on his new blog, Eldritch Epistles, and includes some more recent photographs of  one of the winning pieces, the Chalice of Doom, which now forms part of Bryan Ansell's astonishing miniature collection. Steve has gone on to produce for us some very good quality scans of the original article (a real bonus for me, as my copy of the White Dwarf it first appeared in is rather blurry) and these offer a real wealth of inspiration for we old school painters and gamers.

Steve's passion for the subject reminded me of a series of posts I made about the excellent Fantasy Miniatures books way back at the early days of the Oldhammer Movement and I thought that more recent readers would like to have a look at these, as they are packed with wonderful ideas. Below you will find embedded versions of each of the books in the order that they were originally published. Additionally, I will include links to the original posts I made quite a while ago concerning these wonderful publications. Steve promises to cover these books in more detail in the future, so hopefully he has some other scoops for us to drool over shortly!

Fantasy Miniatures 1988

Fantasy Miniatures 1989

Fantasy Miniatures 1990



  1. I saw this yesterday on Steve's blog - the chalice is a thing of wonder, isn't it?

    1. I can't find any more pics of the chalice diorama online. Are the figures in it 28mm, or smaller? They seem like they might be Warmaster 10mm.

      Thanks as always for posting this vintage work. Obviously back then GW were still promoting their product over everyone else's... but at least they were doing it with grace and a sense of fun.

  2. That Chalice is amazing! A really clever piece of work. It's kinda sad to think that something as good as that probably wouldn't be looked at twice if it were entered into golden demon today. :( Times move on I suppose.

  3. I'm really more happy than is polite that the chalice still exists. I must say, it's a great time to be an oldhammer junkie. Twas the time all you'd get was the odd photo of some old minis or content yourself with poring over the 3rd ed rulebook. Not now, no sir! Tis a time of wonder.