Monday, 18 February 2013

The Malignancy of Malal: Lesser daemon/beast WIP

A while ago I published some rare images from Tony Ackland, namely the Malal daemon above. Now Tony is  not 100% whether or not this model shows the beast or lesser daemon, so its really going to be up to your own interpretation until someone recalls exactly.

Shortly after I published this image (and the confirmed Greater Daemon of Malal), George contacted me explaining how he was planning to have a go at sculpting the model. He's posted his progress on various sites but I asked him if I could share his work here too. Thankfully, as you can see, he agreed. 

What you are about to see are work in progress shots of his work so far. Now, George is pretty happy with the shape and detailing on the torso and limbs, but the head is not yet as he would want it to be. 

I am sure you agree that his work is impressive and the George has certainly captured the shape of the beast/daemon. I am really excited about this project and look forward to seeing the completed model. I have asked him if he's going to attempt the Greater Daemon, and if things continue to go well with this piece, a GD is definitely a possibility.

So fingers crossed we will see more from George's Malal project shortly!

Keep up the good work, mate!

Over to George now;

"I've been sculpting for about two years now and I'm still learning slowly. I've sculpted some pieces for Fenris games, 4A miniatures and most of the Night Terror range at CP models. My other work is here;u=4524;sa=showPosts;start=0"



  1. Meeting up and the odd game aside this is perhaps the biggest step to jump starting the slow beating heart of oldhammer from a nostalgia fest to a vibrant living game. Looking forward to see where this goes.

  2. I love seeing the drawing-sculpt relationship: this is very inspiring!

  3. I wonder if it will ever be cast?

    1. George is considering having a go at a few casts, so perhaps we will see one or two in the flesh!

  4. I've seen the work he's posting in Lead Adventure and it is truly amazing, I believe he really catches up the essence of the daemon. It is nice seeing it here too :)

  5. Phenomenal. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would pay good money for one of these, even moreso a GD.

  6. Replies

      Search for "Hook Horror!"

    2. Yes I see the same day I post this comment.

      Mark Dixon of CP Models say me George the sculptor is going to do a couple of variant heads to add a bit of variety when building up a force of Beast of Malal.

  7. Hi,

    what is the mini that you used for scale in the last picture?

    Cheers, Marc

  8. 28mm 1980s Citadel Chaos Champion by Jes Goodwin