Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Oldhammer Day RoC Warband Part 1: Gormund Clawrender Chaos Champion Creation and Background

Hello one and all! I have been away from the blogosphere this week due to a school inspection. Glad that it is over, as the nefarious cloud such things can create can darken your life and cut deep into valuable hobby time.

Upon my return, I was pleased to see so many other bloggers grasping their copies of RoC and are rolling up their own warbands and selling their souls to either Khorne or Slaanesh.

So I guess I should join them!

Even more impressive, eager parties have actually gone for the total old school randomness, using dice to determine attributes..!

So I felt that it was appropriate that I joined the fun with my own warband for the event. Sure, I have several warbands already, for Khorne, Slaanesh and Nurgle and they will be attending the event. I am also working on RoC chaos armies for Khorne and Slaanesh. But I wanted to share in all the creative fun going on around the community- though I was hoping to avoid fimir and were fimir if I could. 

However, I don't intend to roll off the whole warband in one go... I want to complete it one character at a time, fleshing out their backstories as I go along. Also, once complete, I wanted this new warband to actively seek out enemies to crush before Oldhammer day itself! That perverted champion of pathetic Slaanesh being developed by Erny would be a good example of such an opponent. Okay then, as seems to have become 'the vogue' lets roll some real dice and find out who my new champion is going to be using my earlier suggestions.

Here is what I have ended up with...

Gomrund Claw-render
Chaos Dwarf Champion
Level 15 Warrior M  WS  BS  S       T      W I A          Ld        Int   CL      WP
                             3    6      4    4   5(+1)   3 4 3(+2)   10+2      7    10+1   10+1

Reward 1: Chaos Armour  (+1 T)
Reward 2: Chaos Weapon (to be determined before 1st game)

Attribute 1: Bestial face (goat A+1)

Attribute 2: Razor sharp claws (A+1 claw S5)

And here is his background...

      Gomrund grew to dwarfhood beneath the damp hills that straddle both sides of the Grey Mountains. This hinterland was a bleak one, even by dwarf standards, with few fortresses or large scale mines. His countrymen dwelt in small hamlets and towns nestled in the low hills, from which the older dwarfs launched raids against local orc and goblin tribes. 
      Life was as it had always been. Simple and hard, but the dwarfs of the region took a stoic pride to their lives and traded with the human settlements closer to the forests. Many of the more talented or adventurous dwarfs left to travel to the larger cities, to ply their skills in stone or steel. Others looked north and east, attempting to forge a destiny among the grey cliffs and buffs of the mountains. 
       Gomrund was one such dwarf. Highly competitive and energetic. He travelled far and wide, either with his contemporaries or alone. The meagre profits from these trips were supported by sport. Wrestling was by far the most popular activity among the dwarfs, and Gomrund excelled, though did not grow to dominate the sport in his region as his ambition so wished. He frequently found himself dropping just short of his goals, being overcome by ill fortune or technicality. 
      Angered, the young dwarf would roam for days out in the wilderness, desperately seeking something that might give him an edge. One one such journey, Gomrund discovered the blasted ruins of Castle Drachenfels, where he dwelt for several days. It is not recorded what he found there, if indeed he found anything at all, but what is known is that the young dwarf returned changed. Within days, he began to dominate the wrestling matches that had for so long been the main form of entertainment for the dwarfs of the Grey Mountains. His style grew more reckless and aggressive, and in time few opponents would challenge him. However, just before Gomrund could consolidate his position as champion of the Grey Mountains, he face began to distort and alter. Small stubby horns sprouted from his forehead as the nails of his left hand grew thick and sharp. 
        With the mark of the mutant upon him, Gormund had no option but to flee his village. Pursued and persecuted, he travelled north into the uncharted forests of the Empire. In time, his marks attracted beastmen, who offered him a place amongst their ranks. Eventually, he came to lead the group and kill in the name of the Blood God who had twisted his face into a visage pleasing to him. 

He took his warband north... For he had heard a call...

Right, now I need to find a model, convert his face and add some suitable claws to one hand.

Shouldn't be too hard, should it?

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