Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Slave to Darkness

No matter what I try, everything eventually returns to chaos. The Wastes beckon me with their putrid winds and scorched earth, the Ruinous Powers call seductively while the endless tracts of shifting, nebulous landscape glimmer with the promise of interesting colour schemes.

I had a go at an orc army. Yeah, I enjoyed painting those greenskins but they were NOT chaos.

And I dabbled with the Undead. They were fun but they were NOT chaos.

Ultimately, I always end up back with chaos.

The Realm of Chaos miniatures released from 1985-1992 are by far my favourite range. Why? They are just so varied, so Citadel and so unique. Its a passion that has existed since I first saw my first issue of White Dwarf in 1988 and cemented the following Christmas when Slaves to Darkness found its dark way beneath the Christmas tree. I can still vividly recall spending Christmas Day in the solitary darkness of my parent's bedroom blowing my mind flicking through those endless pages of incredible art, mindboggling tables and bizarre miniatures.

I always had one ambition from those blissful hours.

To play Realm of Chaos properly.

Since I made the decision to embrace what is now called Oldhammer I have spent a wonderful year collecting, gaming and painting models under the veil of the 'Grand Plan' of completing an army for each list in Warhammer Armies. But the games were always Realm of Chaos.

Trouble is... That ambition is still unfulfilled. I have yet to play Realm of Chaos 'properly'.

I have decided that now that my life has taken me in a new direction I should take my painting and gaming in a (slightly) new one.

Yes, that is right. I am going to play Realm of Chaos properly.

I shall become a Slave to Darkness.

More soon...



  1. You have been well and truly nobbled by the ruinous powers, sir.

  2. Ah, so you've reached THAT phase, have you? I hope your wife is okay with the mutations. Mine had to put her foot down when I sprouted the giant fly head and Hentai tentacles. Eventually she'll hit you with the dreaded "You're going to have to choose between our marriage and the Chaos Gods" speech. From that point it's all down hill. So take my word for it, friend: Enjoy it for all it's worth while you can!

  3. Yes......you have finally heard the beckoning call of the dark gods! This gentle dabbling and foot dipping is over. Glad to see you jumping in to the darkness. Awaiting your next post with much anticipation. I to have been dreaming of doing this. However my game group is not much into actually reading the rules, so blowing there minds with this seems quite an undertaking. Just got my copy of Lost and the Damned though,arrived in excellent shape.

  4. We are all Chaos Children...