Tuesday, 13 September 2016


It's over!

After nearly a year of problems, my old set up of paint station and computer is finally restored. The Sky Man has been and installed Sky Q (whatever that is) and now a series of fancy looking remote controls decorate the Palour and Sitting Room of my house.

My wife had even gone to the trouble of moving my computer (that was serving as a makeshift TV for my children) back into 'my part' of the house. Having come home early today, I just had to switch on and get typing. Bliss!

Some gorgeous evening light was streaming in through the windows, as it has done for four centuries, and while the computer loaded itself back up I took a few snaps of my reorganised painted collection. Having juggled things around a bit I have managed to create space on the final shelf. During my recent unpacking , I came across a few 'Beforehammer' gems I worked on before the birth of this blog and the Old School Warhammer scene kicked off, and I have decided to add them to my final shelf.

Let me show you what survived from the dark days of the years 2004-2010.

My converted Typhus model. That scythe looks ridiculously oversized, doesn't it!? And, the 25th anniversary Harry the Hammer model, proving once and for all that I could once paint gold (I cannot now!)

Pretty sure these old wraiths would be considered Oldhammer by some, but I am still a diehard purist that these models will never grace my gaming table. Still, I was very pleased with the spectral finish I achieved way back in 2009 when I painted them. Nice bases too.

A brace of older models - including the champion from the Nightmare Legion. An Empire veteran and a Sartosa vampire. Again proving that my painting seems to be getting worse!!!

Or could it be that I just don't have the time to lavish on painting models anymore? Back in the day these were finished, I would spend an entire week (probably 20+ hours) painting a single figure in a bizarre attempt to paint like the 'Eavy Metal team. With a wife and two kids, such an attitude would result in about a handful of figures a year!

I like the idea of Snickit's challenge in getting miniatures painted. A looser, more fluid style may not look as sharp as these models, but it produces reasonable figures that look good on the wargames table. After all, I paint my models to actually use them in games, the display part of the hobby is just a by-product of my collecting.

Still, it's nice to be reminded of how I used to paint!


  1. Great stuff. Fantastic detail on the empire general but I know what you mean... any attempt to paint a whole army of those things is doomed! A good 'table top' standard that is pleasing to the eye (but not necessarily a photo lens) is what I aim for now. Largely thanks to inspiration from other peoples blogs.

  2. PS the typhus conversion is AWSOME (and I use that word rarely, I'm British). A similar conversion without the scythe would look good on any rogue trader table.

    1. Thank you Sir! But looking at these high brow models makes me realise I need to work on my 'table top' armour technique! (;

  3. I laughed at your comment that your painting seems to be getting worse. I have that feeling ALL THE TIME. I wonder if most hobbyist painters feel that way. In your case, I'm not at all sure its true, but I will say that the Sartossa Vampire is gorgeous.

    1. I painted the flesh blue for some reason. I don't think it was suppose to turn out that way. In the background of the image you can see my Morgana le Fey on a unicorn. I painted that for some girl I was with at University. When she dumped me for my best friend she left the model. I ended up with the better deal in the long run! (;