Sunday, 11 September 2016

Greenskin Wars!

If you are a fan of Crooked Claw miniatures and are sadly mourning their recent loss from the fantasy wargaming scene, I can bring a swift smile to your face. Diego Serrate has snapped up the rights to the models and is using all the previous sculpts as a basis to a supplement for Dragon Rampant - only with Goblins.

Here's what he had to say to me:

DS: It's a project called Greenskin Wars. I've taken on the (now dead) Crooked Claw Miniatures range  and have reorganised all those incredible models into different goblin factions.  I have also sketched a lot of new models and a whole new faction together with Kev Adams - the Goblinmaster himself!

I must say that Kevin is doing an amazing job here and we have developed a good friendship. He knows exactly what I want from him with just a few instructions or a simple sketch. With the help of another "Kevin" (who's also a big fan of the other Kevin lol ) we are creating a supplement or "army book" to use with the with the Dragon Rampant game system. That will let you create very specific goblin armies for the four main factions we have by now - Hill Goblins , Doom goblins , Feral goblins and Black Goblins.

As with Diego's other Kickstarters - this project funded itself within the first few hours of launch, so there is no risk here of the project stalling. If you are after getting your hands on any of these goblins (and there are a number of other interesting pieces too!) just follow the link below.

I will leave you with a nice gallery of images from the project to whet your goblinoid appetite!


  1. These look amazing! Any inside info on when the Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter will ship?

  2. Hi! Thanks again Orlygg for a great article ;)
    And BoN the Pantheon is already being produced in resin and a few models are done in metal too, within this month and October it should be all done and ship. The split production of resin and metal it'ds been really a huge delay on things, also customs playing their tricks with some master models too.... Bot it's all going forward now!

  3. Man, these are fantastic models, I've been incorporating them into my old school inspired age of sigmar chaos army. Some tall basing and I've been fitting them into my warbands of marauders, and a crew of goblin wolf riders lead by the model from this set are serving as marauder horsemen