Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter: The Last Few Hours!


The incredibly successful Kickstarter from Pantheon of Chaos is drawing to a close and has raised over 37,000 euros at the time of writing. That is over 30,000 more than the original goal. An astounding return on a frankly outstanding range of models. They are in the closing hours of the Crowd Fund now and it really is a case of 'if you want 'em, this is your last chance!' 

Diego has been kind enough to share some more details with me and being the dilligent blogger that I am, I am passing them on to you. It would have been sooner if I had access to a reliable computer, but then life is rather topsy turvey at the moment in the count down to our house move. 

Anyway, by now you would have grown tired of my words and let your eyes wonder over to those wonderfully painted models that I began this post with. Don't worry, there is more to come and if you are new to the project (and if you are, where have you been?) you better hurry and follow the link at the bottom of this blog post. 

Okay, first up is Christian's Ettin. As we have come to expect from Pantheon, the sculpting is excellent and a mass of detail has been provided to help bring the character to life. I like the mutated nature of this one, especially the two digit hand and the cyclops head. A nasty chap would you wouldn't want to meet strolling down the street on a Sunday afternoon. 

Looking at him makes me wonder - how do the Pantheon boys keep banging out models with such a high degree of detail and imagination? They remind me of a simple bunch of hyper-creative guys and gals from the 1980s!!

Talking about the Design Team of the golden age, do you recognise the work of one legendary sculptor here? Keven Adams has contributed two additional figures in the guise of these variant wizards and I am sure you will agree that these are rather unusual coming from the goblinmaster. As Diego put it "the level of detail is insane" on these are they closely match the baroque designs seen in the Realm of Chaos books all of those years ago. 

I don't know about you, but these models make me think Tzeentch or some other magical/chaotic power favouring the arcane arts. 

Diego is responsible for this crossbreed Ogre. He has a bear leg and some kind of prehensile tail combination going on. The sculptor was going for a subtle look here, as he wanted the model to show a character some time away from developing into a chaos spawn. Again, the high level of detail and imagination is there to see. 

How do they do it?

Tim Prow is responsible for these wonderful shields. I am not sure which models these will be released with, or if they will be used as a shield lot at some later date. I am sure Diego will appear on the comments section below and explain all shortly! (; 

And finally, on our final whistle-stop tour on this project, a chaos hound by Boris. This model will come with a second model with a differing head. The plastic chaos warrior is used only to present scale - so don't worry that the sculpting standard has suddenly dropped!! (:

As I said earlier, this crowdfund is drawing to a close in a matter of hours. If you haven't got on board now then you are running out of time.

Here is the link!


  1. Awesome article! I love your blog and I love these minis!

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  3. Those shields and the many other we have will come at random with the minis wearing a shield , BUT also we are selling shields packs!

  4. It would be great if someone could add these to the Lost Miniatures Wiki. With Tim Prow's kind permission I have been documenting the Diehard Kickstarter, but did have the cash to get involved with this one.

  5. Oh yes guys , feel free to do that ! Will be a honour for us :)