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The Oldhammer Weekend 2015: Wayne England's generosity, 'Warhammer Celebs' and Painting Compeititions

I had a very exciting email today from Diane Ansell from Wargames Foundry. It detailed the ongoing efforts to organise this year's Oldhammer Weekend and there are some snippets of news that followers of this blog, and Old School Oldhammer enthusiasts, will no doubt want to read about. 

Our man in the sun (well, Salisbury) Garth James - from Warhammer for Adults fame - has been busy organising the timetable for the wargames tables over the weekend. And here they are, subject to change of course. Reading through the timetables will give you some idea about what you will see going on over the weekend. 

Saturday's Timetable
Sunday's Timetable
Tony Ackland, the visionary artist behind the look of the '80s Warhammer world, will (health permitting) be attending and hopes to be displaying some of his artwork for closer inspection. Wayne England, another artist from GW's past, will be sketching during the day, as well as exhibiting his artwork (and hopefully his famous dwarf army) and selling his limited edition T-Shirt designs. Tony Yates hopes to return to the event and there are whispers that the Goblinmaster will once again delight us all with his wild Warmonger sculpts. If he can get there, Tony Hough will be selling more of his original GW art so bring lots of cash. Rumours also abound that HRH Rick Priestley may be making a spontaneous but no doubt dramatic appearance at some point too. 

Bryan Ansell's enormous collection (well some of it) of painted miniatures will line the viewing cabinets as in previous years and really need to be seen to be believed. Talking of painted miniatures, The Foundry hope to run a similar painting competition to last year - and further details of this will be published as they are ironed out. I had the rather challenging job of judging with Kev and Rob last year and it wasn't easy at all! 

Oldhammer or Oldhommer? 
Wayne England has also kindly donated a few pieces of art to the Oldhammer Community. Not the physical pieces mind, just some lovely scans and we have free reign to do what we like with them. As you can see above, Stephen Dobson has rather quickly put together this banner for the Facebook group and has done a remarkable job in no time at all. Feel free to use this banner on you own blogs, groups or forums if you wish. It isn't exclusive. 

The second image Wayne gave us (thanks again Wayne) has been used by Robert Grayston to create a nifty banner for this year's Oldhammer Weekend. Again, feel free to use it on your own webspace and help promote the event. 

If you are interested in doing your own versions of these banners, I have included the original images below. I would love to see what other skilled graphic designers can come up with. 

The hammer holding competition was going well..

If you hadn't already seen it, here is a look at this year's event miniature, very kindly put together by our American cousins and shipped over here. These are limited to the first 80 odd people who register on the website. And at the time of writing only 40 odd people have, so there is still time to get your hands on one. Actually, while I am writing this PLEASE follow the link and register even if you plan to turn up for an hour or so. It will help our hosts no end. 

While we are on the subject of the Oldhammer miniature - last time I wrote about it I did a dis-service to the people behind it: namely Thomas Grove and Darrin Stephens so do yourselves a favour and follow these links to their blogs and support the wider community. 

Here are all the important links you will need to keep up to date with the event. Everything and everything is subject to change of course. Tzeentch wouldn't have it any other way...

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  1. And to think I can't make it this year.... [sigh]
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