Tuesday, 5 May 2015

McDeath: Mergrey Calchoner

My professional life is as challenging as ever and I was glad of the three day weekend. I managed to get quite a bit of painting done and focused again on my McDeath collection. I had planned on getting five miniatures from the range completed over the long weekend but only managed to finish three. The others still stand on the paint-station at various stages of completion. 

But there is always next weekend. And only four working days away! 

Mergrey Calchoner is a bit of a tough model to get hold of. He was released with the C02 range of wizards in the 1980s but has the fortune (or misfortune, depending of perspective) of being an essential purchase for anyone collecting the 2nd Edition Scenario packs for this miniature is required in both McDeath and the Vengeance of the Lichemaster sets. 

And it was only by accident that I even managed to get hold of this example. It was a case of me hitting one too many zeros on my final bid! Thank God it was only snipers I was up against!

Interestingly, some of the other models in the range have amusing little anachronisims secreted about their persons - calculators, grenades and so forth - but Calchoner (also known as Hansat) is mercifully lacking in this department. The robes are there, as is the stereotypical staff, and the cloak looks like some kind of pelt but there is nothing more. This is a 'serious' Warhammer model.  

As has become my whim, I used the colour token from the McDeath box set as a guide to painting him. He was great fun to work on and was one of those 'paint themselves' jobs. I really liked the flesh tones I achieved, particularly the bald head, though the model looks strangely similar to my neighbour, Phil, in both facial features and stature. The red too, turned out better than expected, thanks to a subtle orange highlight. As far as I know, Phil never wears red. 

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable figure which sees all the Donaldbane related characters  fully complete.



  1. he's great, the clans are growing slowly but surely!

  2. Thanks Darren - and yes the McDeath boys (and girls) are growing steadily.

  3. What sort of price range does he go for, if you don't mind me asking? I have a fair few of him, picked up at a Citadel Miniatures Open Day in the 80's where they were giving them out as part of casting demonstrations. I seem to have ended up with more than my fair share of him!