Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Champions of Chaos and Warhammer Armies Errata

I return to the Realm after a rather frustrating hiatus. If you recall my situation, I had to relocate to, frankly, an unusable location though I managed to get Trigger the horse painted. My collection was inaccessible, which meant that trades, projects and eBay sales all had to be put on hold. As did this blog.

Thankfully, today is the first day of my 6 week summer holiday and also the day I return to my regular modelling room. The builders have completed the wife's new kitchen and completed construction of the extension and in doing so have cleared access. I hope to use my free time to produce plenty of interesting old school articles for 80s Warhammer written in the coming days and begin this new sequence of blogging with the fantastic collection of painted Chaos Champions from inside WD107. I own most of these champions, save three, though none of them are painted. I have always thought that this page would be useful to inform a future painting project where all these models's paint schemes are copied. It's certainly something that others may be interested in doing so I have included the page here.

Also inside WD 107 was some little seen errata produced for Warhammer Armies. I felt that these three pages may be of use to Oldhammer fans as Warhammer Armies is probably the most influential book in the Oldhammern Scene.


  1. I'm only missing the horned Nurgle one while I ownh a spare for the horned tzeentch one next to him (anyone for a trade?.
    I didn't know this page and its always good to find such paintjobs to complete those in the RoC books. The tzeentch guy with flamer arm is on the cover of the 91 catalogues though.
    I realise I copied almost exactly the paintjob on the Khornate champion with peg leg and mace without knowing it ever existed...
    Guess it's a fluke on a Khorne character, would be a miracle to do so on a slaanesh or Tzeentch mini...
    Very interesting errata though I don't see myself gluing anything in the original book. ^^

  2. I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the Chaos Champions...No doubt the paint jobs are fantastic and wonderful examples of my favorite style of painting...bright bold colors with a good black line between...but these figures have never been my favorites...I own a few of them but I vastly prefer the more ambiguous "faceless" Chaos warriors from earlier periods. Perhaps this is because I never really delved into the Realm of Chaos loyalties have always been to the dwarfs and Empire forces.

    Thanks for the reminder on the errata pages....I have them loose somewhere because when I was a teen I decided it would be a good idea to cut up all my old WDs and put them in a ring binder by topic rather than issue! Oh the follies of youth...

  3. I own exactly one of these... the pointing, bone armored guy. Always one of my favorites, and I found him on eBay one day. Just... FUN! He's almost always painted as a follower of Khorne, but mine is Nurgle themed instead :)

  4. These champions are great and some of my favorite citadel miniatues. Back in the days I painted a lot of them but have only painted a few more recently. I was thinking though the other day to paint a few as well and probably Slaanesh - also to support - Slaanesh champions are coming up next.