Monday 24 June 2013

Acceptable in the '80s: ARCHIVE

I have had a growing number of requests to organise the articles in my History of Warhammer Third Edition; Acceptable in the '80s. I am very happy to do this, as finding things in the articles for myself was becoming a little challenging. If you are anything like me, I am sure that you combine Solegends and the CCM Wiki with the wider internet when researching ranges and identifying potential purchases. I am hoping that the articles I have written can be of service to you all, much as the articles I have done concerning to Regiments of Renown have become, judging by the page views these posts receive.

I shall organise this list of links chronologically and add it to the USEFUL RESOURCES section on the top right hand corner of my blog. I shall update it from time to time as new information is included. At the time of writing we have covered all the material from WD 94 to 106, baring anything reprinted from existing publications, such as Realm of Chaos and Warhammer Armies and including a few ads from previous White Dwarfs.

I hope this becomes a more useful resource to Oldhammer scholars in this new form, than in the previous one. 

Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated. 

Acceptable in the '80s Archive

Pre- Warhammer Third Edition 

Iron Claw Miniatures : A discussion of Bob Olley's work and research material for Gothic Dwarfs, Skeleton Guard and Skeleton Riders - with a bit about the Iron Claw Stone Thrower. 
White Dwarf 94: Talisman Dungeon miniature releases, Mercenaries, Nick Bibby Giants, Plague Cart and rules, Elf, Dark Elf, Skaven and Goblin command groups and the Gob-lobber siege weapon. 
Raiders of the Lost Adverts: Orcs, Dwarfs, Feudals and Chaos Warriors.
Raiders of the Lost Adverts: Sorcerers and their familiars

Warhammer Third Edition Era: Early Days WD95-106

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Third Edition Release Article  A discussion about WFB3 from WD95 with lots of pretty pictures.
White Dwarf 95: Ruglud's armoured orcs and rules, Dogs of War, Beastmen, Elven Personalities on horseback, Dwarf Flame Cannon and rules, Orc Command Group, Dwarf with Inferiority Complex (Version 2), Barbarians, Chaos Hounds and Handlers and Prince Ulthar's Imperial Dwarfs. 
White Dwarf 96: Elven Animal Keepers, Bugman's Cart and rules and 'Eavy Metal Dragon special
White Dwarf 96 Part Two: Travelling Players, Warhammer Plastic Regiments, Men at Arms, Elf Warriors, Slottabased Minotaurs and Nippon Rocket and crew. 
Elf Wardancers and rules: Additional rules for fielding Wardancers in WFB3
Slann miniatures and alternative armylist: Additional rules for using the slann in WFB3
White Dwarf 97: Dwarfs and Halfling miniatures
White Dwarf 97 Part Two: The Valley of Death WFB3 Scenario, Balgorg Greater Daemon, Dark Elf repeating crossbow and Dwarf Adventurers.
White Dwarf 98: Chaos Thugs and rules, Chaos Centaurs and rules, Minotaurs and Rat Ogres.
Warhammer Siege : Detailing the release of the first supplement for WFB3 with additional rules for defending fortresses.
White Dwarf 101: Chaos Thugs,Orc Bolt Thrower and rules, Chaos Warriors and additional rules for Warhammer Siege
WFB3 Tactica: A discussion about how to get the best out of your forces when playing pitched battles.
Fimir Background and Armylist with Crossbowmen: Articles detailing the background to the Fimir with armylist and additional rules.'Eavy Metal article about Old School Painting of Faces and Crossbowmen for the Bretonnians and Empire.
Chaos Tenderiser and Whirlwind with Orc Crossbows: Details these two chaos war machines, with background and rules for both models. Orc Crossbows in metal. 
Regiments of Renown: Orc Boar Riders: Catalogue pages and background about this troop type. 
Iron Claw Rock Lobber and Goblins plus Skaven : Includes rules for the Iron Claw Rock Lobber



  1. This section has just turned from a goldmine to a giant gold nugget. Instant match !
    Useful ressource it is and it's still an understatement...

    Thanks a lot

  2. Thanks a lot. I'm glad I'm not the only one finding it hard to locate stuff.

    You could also take advantage of the tagging feature to help keep things organized

  3. I have a set of white Dwarf from No.8 to No.80 0r thereabouts. If anyone thinks they may be valuable I will take a small donation.