Saturday 18 May 2013

Regiments of Renown: Orc Boar Riders

Some time ago ago I published a series of articles that chronicled Citadel's two major releases of Regiments of Renown. The sets available in the earlier and later '80s can be seen here and here. There were several attempts to create additional regiments through White Dwarf, presumably in an attempt to advertise new models or encourage sales. Such an approach clearly did not have the desired impact and the idea was abandoned.

This post presents to you a lovely article depicting a bunch of orc boar riders which contains fluff, a Warhammer Armies rule and banner section as well as a catalogue of miniatures. There really is no need to say anymore. Richard Halliwell's article is very readable and is supported by some excellent illustration by Paul 'no-one drew orcs better than me' Bonner. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Anyone got a painted regiment of these to share? I'd love to include a shot or two on this blog entry.



  1. Erny has got a great regiment as the banner head on his blog....dreamfish has some nice ones as well.
    This is one of my all time pieces of fluff....this is certainly what I think about when painting my marauder boar riders.....though these ones have moved up on my wish list.

  2. Thank you very much for posting this! I must have read this story a million times over back in the day and I've been contemplating the arduous task of digging through boxes of White Dwarfs to find it.

    This story really brings Orcs to life, places them in what feels like an actual society full of character. unlike the new crap they churn out which is more about how many times the author can fit Waaaaaghh in a paragraph.

  3. Wonderful article. It brings to life the orcs in a way that contrast the way they are shown in GW books today. Not so much mindless slaughter as today.
    Great thing. I have two of these old chaps. A chieftain and the standart bearer. Somewhere in the pile of storage boxes. I will search for them and post some pics.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I just love the "Paul Bonner-era" orcs/orks - as Markus said they had a more nuanced feel back then ( even though GW has brought back more of the humour to them these last years...)

  5. Brilliant! I've been looking for the Bratt's Boar Boyz article for ages. I've always wanted to make a version of them. Paul Bonner is the best at drawing Orcs, I just wish that GW had made more models that were like his illustrations.

    PS. can you add a search box to your blog so it's easier to find past articles? Thanks.

  6. Wonderful. I keep thinking of putting this unit together for my collection. My white dwarf with that article was lost years ago during a house move and i'm so glad to have found it again. Thank you.

  7. Nice. I never knew about these - after my time I suppose. I'm sure I recognise the advert, but I've never seen the fluff before. Interesting that the RoR name was still being used to so late.