Friday, 24 February 2012

A Dark God's Whim Part 2

All Throgg had to do was pass his stupidity test! Four games into the campaign and he had consistently failed every test bar one. On the one occasion he passed, Throgg terrified the Khornate battle line to such an extent that the lot of them turned and fled. Those would managed to past their fear tests promptly found themselves vomited over by the giant, green monster. In that wonderous moment, my troll utterly destroyed Dan's other chaos hound and left his surviving beast with a irrational fear of humans. Sadly, he has never passed a test since. 

After standing around for a while, Throgg turned around and wandered off the battlefield. My fear causing monster had simply wandered off!

Meanwhile, Dan lined up his beastmen ready to charge and engage my own. On his right flank, a second smaller unit of beastmen led by Ironchron the chaos champion advanced against my skaven and sorcerer. 

The charge of his right flank was devastating! My skaven were badly mauled due to Ironcron's frenzied blade. The smell of blood drove the chaos warrior to the heights of battle lust and he chased the ratmen across the table and off the table. Now both Dan's champions had left the field- one frenzied, the other very dead!  My sorcerer, Jaketh, retreated back out of range and blasted the advancing beasts with fireball spells. Dan wheeled his unit in an attempt to charge the side of my beastmen. It was at this point that Slakesin saw his chance and charged across the battlefield to engage the unit. The Slaaneshi champion was armed with a very, very nasty weapon - a parasitic blade. For every wound scored, the wielder is also able to take a single characteristic point from the wounded creature's profile. 

Slakesin was already WS7 and 4A and by the time the five beastmen were felled he had become a 10 across the board monster! On my right flank, Mange completed his deranged chomping of my chaos thugs after passing his fear test. 

The game moved into its final phase. A brutal battle of attrition in the centre of the field. Dan's double handed weapons took a terrible toll on my beastman but even the rabid beasts of Khorne could not withstand the terrible impact of lightening bolts, fireballs and WS 10, S10, A10 stats of Slakesin. Frying the chaos hound with the final act in the game as Dan's forces broke a ran. Slaanesh must have smiled in pleasure to see his minions chasing after the hated enemy inflicting free hacks all the way to the table edge. Ironcron and his minions managed to escape to fight another day.

With the game over, we decided that the parasitic blade was too powerful for the games we were intending to fight. We decided that Slakesin would have considered such a weapon too unpleasurable and would promptly abandon it on the battlefield. Rolling off for rewards, Slakesin received a chaos weapon with the freeze ability and the face of a beast of Slaanesh- we imagined that the blade morphed into this chaos weapon. He was entitled to new followers as well, rolling on the table saw me gain 5 chaos dwarfs. Ironcron survived the battle and also earned himself a reward. A chaos attribute, growth, that saw his body swell to enormous size and 7 new Khornate thugs ready to join his bruised warband to avenge themselves.

We decided to introduce new models for Slakesin and Ironcron at this point and I plan to paint them up ready for the next game in April.

Smoke clung at the air like ephemeral wisps of hate. Ragged piles sprawled across the clearing as the surviving Slaaneshi beastmen picked through the corpses of the dead. Gluttonspoor's body lay some distant from its fellow dead. Slakesin stood over it, a new chaotic axe in his hand. 

It was over.

For now. 

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  1. Sounds awesome! That parasitic blade was brutal. Those models look great on the battlefield.