Friday, 24 February 2012

Miniatures update!

Oh, I forgot to post this on the end of my battle report. I feel like a little change, the miasma of Nurgle floats about my house as we recover for a family bout of 'flu. I have rolled off for two new warbands - the plague lord and the changer himself will soon (hopefully) grace our battle field so that we can represent each of the four powers in battle. I hope to have these miniatures ready for April.

Here is the first completed model - a 1980s minotaur (Perry sculpt?) from the Nurgle warband.

Hope you like my latest effort. I have now moved on to work on the characters, namely the Nurgle champion and sorcerer.


  1. Those minotaurs were sculpted by Naismith and Bibby... problem is, I can never tell which did what. =/

  2. This body is clearly a Bibby sculpt , not sure on the head though....