Friday, 20 January 2017

A Thank You from Kevin 'Goblinmaster' Adams

This blog's author with Kevin. A top bloke! 
Kevin Adams contacted me this week with some very sad news. I will had over to the Goblinmaster to explain what has happened and why the Oldhammer Community is involved, albeit in a very small (but positive) way. 

KA: My Mother passed away just before Christmas due to cancer and I've donated the money from Oldhammer to the trust that looked after her in her last few weeks.

Please spread the word so everybody is aware their money has gone to a good cause. The amount was £125 but with tax credits its £156 .25

As many of you will know, Kev has worked tirelessly at two Oldhammer Weekends to sculpt faces onto all manner of models. Some of you will even be lucky enough to have such a model in their collection. 

Glad to see Oldhammer isn't just lead and paint, but it is also heart! (;



  1. Hmm sad news. It seems its been a tough few years for Kev. Hope he's holding up ok. Best wishes.

  2. I'm glad the money went to such a worthy cause.

  3. Condolences to Kev but glad he was able to put the money he raised to a cause close to home. I must paint up the model he did for me last BOYL.

  4. Always good to read about good happening, despite the circumstances.

  5. He's looking rather young for a living legend. Sorry for his loss.

  6. Really wish I could have gotten across the pond to partake and contribute. Well wishes, prayers, and thoughts to the Goblinmaster!