Sunday, 20 March 2016

McDeath: Een McWrecker

Een McWrecker stands alongside the Rough Inn at Winwood Harbour. As one of McDeath's most trusted underlings, McWreck spent many days dealing with the clansmen under his master's control. The McArnos were no exception. 
It has been some months I know but today marks the day I am officially back on my McDeath project. Een McWrecker stands complete after nearly a year on my paintstation! As before, I opted to follow the colour scheme used on the original cardboard cut outs in the McDeath supplement, giving him a spanking red hat, brown breeches and a pea-green jacket.

I didn't faff around painting but threw myself full force into my speed painting techniques. I am particularly pleased with his face, and I created the sense of depth you can see in the photograph using dark brown and black inks before highlighting. As with many of the wizards released in the mid 1980s (Een McWrecker is not a limited figure, and was available in other ranges) he has a number of little irreverent details about his person. A broad bladed steel knife hangs at his hip for starters and a curious 'rosary' dangles from his raised wrist. I liked the fact that the raised hand has been sculpted in such as way as to suggest he is in the middle of an incantation. You cannot see the detail in these photographs, but the golden bowl he is holding has been sculpted in such a way to suggest it holds burning coals. I used black, reds, orange, yellow and white to paint on burning coals inside the vessel. 

Salty porridge is a virtue in the wild north of Albion. Sadly, not so for McWrecker's digestion. After consuming some of the McArno's fare he was forced to make a hasty exit towards the privy. 
More details appear on the reverse of the model - including a telescope! His hat intrigues me the most though, for he has some kind of 'lump' sitting on his hat and I didn't have the foggiest what it was supposed to represent. In the end, I painted it as a candle (complete with running wax and wick) stuffed on top of his wide brimmed hat. Well, how else would he see I suppose?

Have any other Oldhammerers taken on this wizard? If so, how did you interpret the strange lump?


A hurried snap of my painted McDeath collection. I will try and do better next time...


  1. Looking good mate - afraid I've never come across this model myself so can't help with the "lump".

    The collection grows apace - I look forward to watching your progress and perhaps playing through the scenarios some time!