Saturday, 12 March 2016

Pantheon of Chaos: Son of Zygor, a Chaos Warrior, Thug and a WIP Beast of Malal

Diego contacted me last Saturday to say he had some more greens to share with you all. Funnily enough, I was just strolling out of Stoke Hall's stableyard as he did so (an exciting mix of old and new there) though it has taken him until now to send things through to me.

And the wait has been more than worth it. 

I think what most excites me about this project is the way Diego and the team continuously surprise and amaze me. This time, it was with the incredible Zz'anDor, the son of Zygor, green you can see at the top of the blog post. It is beautifully executed in a style that meshes both old and new. 

A 'must have' must have model!

Next up, this fully fledged chaos warrior by Christen. The armour is really in keeping with the older mid '80s models - based on actual suits of armour- with that little twist of evil thrown in. It is easy to miss, so check out the detail on the feet! No boots but malformed toes! A fantastic touch. 

Beautiful sculpting shown on the reverse of the model and that fur detail is just screaming out to be painted. I also like the way the cloak resembles flayed skin. Ghoulish! 

Christian has also finished work on this female thug. Now there IS a rarity. If you read my blogpost about women in Warhammer you will know that one of my bugbears is a lack of realistic looking female figures in the Games Workshop ranges. This lass looks like she means business and is quite sensibly attired for life in the Chaos Realms. The ornate armour and raised mutated crab claw are nice touches. 

Slaanesh anyone?

I think the addition of a hex base really ramps up the look of this particular model - don't you think?

And finally, one you have probably been all waiting for! A WIP of the Beast of Malal concept. Personally, I would have spread the legs out a little bit so the limbs look a little more splayed but I expect that this will be a multi-part model in the end, so we needn't worry. 

Repulsive isn't it? In a good way. I have been really impressed by how the Pantheon of Chaos team have managed to capture the horrific creations of Tony Ackland and bring them alive in greenstuff. 

More news on this project as we get it! 



  1. Great work on the female thug.

  2. Now that is interesting material. Whens it gonna be available? Getting "The Vision" that normally begins a new project.

    1. Will gona launch by the end of this month , join us on facebook to see all we have! :

    2. Love Zz'anDor and the Beast of Malal!

      Regarding Malal, what does his icon looks like? I know that his colours are black and white, and I've also read somewhere that the secret number is 11, but does he have s sign, like the other 4 Chaos gods?

  3. I own the model 'son of zygor'. I bought it second hand with another interesting unicorn style beastman. Both stand roughly 15mm. Do you have any idea of their origin?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. For the life of me I can't find a way to send you a photo on google+ (its pretty new to me).