Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Rogue Trader Stuff

I am well and truly locked into the treadmill of school. Report writing all weekend exhausted, dealing with exhausted children all week long. The obvious result of this is that hobby time well and truly grinds to a halt. But as I see it, I have only a couple of weeks to go until I finish and I can lavish much more time on my McDeath project. 

Keen to keep this blog out of the grave, I have a few photographs to share today. I posted some similar shots of these minis on Facebook a week or so ago, but they were a bit fuzzy. So I made good use of the sunshine this morning while I was eating my breakfast to take these fresh ones.

Starting left, we have a standard Rogue Trader ork. I painted him a couple of years back actually, when I fancied a change from Warhammer and Chaos. He has resided ever since in storage but I rediscovered him not that long ago and placed him alongside his goblinoid brothers on my Welsh Dresser display. 

The centre figure is my converted Space Skaven that I produced last summer. I realised recently that all I had to show for my hard work was a rather dubious 'on top of the car' style photograph, so I decided to include him in the mix as well. He was fun to do I can tell you. His weapon was already damaged, so I simply snipped it off at the hand and filed the leftovers down. It was then fairly straightforwards to add the old Imperial las-gun plastic part (albeit, snipped in two) and drill a hole in the back to add the banner. Skimming quickly through the fantasy miniatures books I hold in my archive game me plenty of late '80s inspiration for the back banner. 

The final miniature is a strange one. Its one of the unreleased Rogue Trader models discovered recently by Steve Casey. I managed to get my hands on one through the generosity of another collector and gave him a go when I was stressed out over school. I opted to go for a colour scheme akin to the Space Adventurers I have seen in Bryan's collection. After completing the model, I think I can see why it was never released. The pose is a bit rough and instead of looking like he is commanding troops forwards (or, indeed, unleashing a strange and no doubt deadly 'psyskic' attack) the model just seems to be prancing through the moves to Saturday Night Fever.

I suppose 'Staying Alive' is a big deal in the 41st millennium!

The model remains a curious piece in the history of 40k, and I was pleased to paint it up. 

Right, I will see you all again after I have finished off my reports. Only 17 to go! 



  1. Great colour, he resembles an administrator pictured in the rule book, or at least my recollection of it.

  2. Great pieces! Love the Space Skaven!

  3. That Skaven model lends itself to being converted to 40k nicely. My Space Skaven attempt involved sticking the spare heads from Warhammer Fantasy Regiments onto some of my Imperial Guard, which looked about as unsophisticated as it sounds!