Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Raiders of the Lost Adverts: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the Story of a Photograph!

A quick share today and a mention of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Its hard to sum up the significance of this game on Warhammer Fantasy Battle Third Edition so I won't do it here. The two games are very heavily entwined and describe the same game world. This version is far more plausible than the one that exists today.

It seems to have been GW's policy to do a flash advert like this for all of the game systems. WFB3 and RT both had one previously, with the paint range and Bloodbowl also among the products honoured with a double paged spread.

What is of particular interest in this advert is that photograph on the first page. You can see four individuals playing an obviously mocked up version of the game. But who are they? And what is the story behind the photograph?

I have a few theories here. I am certain that the gentleman closest to the left is Sean Masterson, former editor of White Dwarf and contributor to Dark Future. Next along the bus has his face away from the camera but I have an inkling that this may be Alan Merrett, based on the photograph of him from the Warhammer Third Edition rulebook. Next we have a longhaired charmer who may or may not be Oldhammer's own Andy Craig. Finally, the lady. Here I am not so sure. I have a few theories but they are too vague to share at the moment. 

So my question to you is. Who do you think the people in this photograph are? 



  1. The guy second from the left bending over the board is almost certainly a youthful and innocent Alan Merrett, as you guessed. As for the young lady, my guess would be Lindsey D. le Doux Paton- she is one of the only ladies who was ever credited for stuff during this era in GW's history.

    1. I had considered that the lady may have been Lindsey or perhaps Diane Ansell.

  2. Defo Sean Masterson and Andy Craig.

  3. The young lady is definitely not Lindsey. If memory serves, she worked at GW in graphic design and/or layout but I can't remember her name. The lad next to Sean is someone I don't recall seeing before or since - definitely not Alan, who looked about ten years older than this young gent at that time.

  4. Oh, and "Swathe of Undeath" was Carl Sargent's working title for Lichemaster, one of Flame's first products. The four-part campaign referred to is, of course, Doomstones.