Sunday, 30 December 2012

Orlygg's New Year Resolutions... Oldhammer Style!

My wife and I have just been discussing what we are going to do for New Year! This has been an incredibly challenging year for us, and we wanted to do something that involved just us. No resolutions, just relaxation!

That got me thinking about the ' Grand Plan' and my shocking lack of progress over the last four months or so. So I set about thinking about what my new year warhammer resolutions could be, you know, to carry me along. Perhaps resolution is the round word, as it means change. New Year plan might be more appropriate.

Anyway, he is a list (in no particular order) of Oldhammer related things that I would like to achieve over the next twelve months.

1. Play a game of Warhammer (or related games) with someone on the Warhammer Opponent Finder.
We have all thought about it, I'm sure. But I actually want to arrange something, load up the car with painted miniatures and scenery and travel to meet someone I have never actually met in person, play an exciting 3rd Edition game, photograph it extensively and publish in all its glory here on my blog. Any takers in the New Year?

A Warhammer 3rd Edition game in action!
Here's the link to Skarsnik's famous site if you have not heard of this resource before -wfb-3rd-edition-opponent-finder.html

2. Safely organise my painted models and catagorise my unpainted ones.
At the moment, all my models lie in plastic bags in an old toolbox, even the painted ones, and time will no doubt be unkind to them. What I'd like is some why of storing them with the minimum of fuss. Perhaps one day I could be as organised as this, but I think not!

I bet Erny has 10 times this amount in his famous garage!
3. Collect more Limited Edition Citadel miniatures
I want to be more focused and less impulsive. Using Billy Bunter's collection as a guide should lead me towards winning a few rare models to paint up - I definitely would like some festive models for next year!

If only, Orlygg... If only...
4. Buy a good copy of Advanced Heroquest, Space Marine (first edition) or Adeptus Titanicus.
This one needs no explanation really.

5. Paint The Nightmare Legion.
Bought by my father in the 80s and never painted. He asks everything he visits, "Have you painted the legion?" as a joke, I would like to say, yes! Additionally, its another unit for my Old School undead army.

6. Complete small daemonic armies for all four powers using Realm of Chaos.
Old school colour schemes a plenty. Doing this should help with the grand plan and I have most of the models. Warhammer at its strangest?

Not a lot is it?

Better get started. Have any other readers have any long term plans or ideas they would like to complete over the next year?



  1. Happy New Year Orlygg! If you ever want to load up a plane and fly to the colonies, I would be very happy to host a game...

  2. Happy New Year and that's a fine set of resolutions. In fact I'm of a similar mind with the Warhammer Opponent Finder - must get a game organised.

    I've also found myself drawn to Advanced Heroquest, but I think I've enough on my plate so you'll be safe from any bidding wars on ebay with me!

    Personally I want to get my Lustrian Project done and played and get some more Warmaster stuff painted up...

  3. Happy New Year to you, sir! An admirable set of objectives. Regarding some sort of get-together, I've shot a mail through to Erny regarding his club and hall in Cambridge. He's going to get back to me with some dates and such, but lets see what we can organise for a more central meeting and gaming point. I'll give plenty of warning, though :)

    As a complete aside - are you able to host a game?

  4. I could host a game at a push! My main problem is my young family and squaring everything out with 'THE WIFE' who would consider any 'playing with little men' a 'total waste of family time!' But I expect these are similar challenges to other players.

    On the upside, my In-Laws own a massive barn with toilet facilities and plenty of space for parking and gaming tables, so perhaps in the future I could 'do something big'.

    And by the way, Cambridge is a good location for me...

  5. Sigh...I wish I was guys are going to make me jealous!

    Happy new Year Orlygg...the last one was great in the Oldhammer world (thanks in large part to your efforts) and lets hope that this year is even better!

    Those seem like some very reasonable, and attainable goals, I need to work up a similar list myself.

    The young family and wife can always be an typical technique is to give the wife a day off and let her do what she wants no questions asked....then ask for the same. Parenthood is just a series of negotiations in my experience...both with the kids and the partner. And don't forget to remind her that time doing ones own thing is very important to being a healthy (and marginally sane) parent.