Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hidden Gems : More free pdf links for Rogue Trader and Warhammer 3rd and a few skeletons too!

Having been cruising Scribd for more resources, I have uncovered some hidden gems. The links speak for themselves really.

Original 80s painting guide for Space Marines

Freebooterz orc army lists

Vehicle Rules for Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader Eldar rules and background

For Warhammer 3rd (though it was released for 1st) comes the Warhammer Compendium.

Scribd is a fantastic resource but I find it a real pain to navigate and I'm locating stuff mostly through a combination of pot luck and trial and error. I expect there is still loads of it out there and it is always useful to have lots of links to this material on one site, so if you are aware of anything out there that could be useful to our cause post a link in the comments section below. Hopefully, at some point in the future I will be able to create a link post which contains everything in one place but I suspect that is a while off. Apparently, there is a huge amount of scanned WDs from our period available 'out-there' but I have yet to locate it!

Anyone know where else we should look?

Hidden Gems is the title of this post and my rummaging have not been restricted to the internet. As I was cutting out the parts for my skeleton horde I was happily reminiscing their use back in the day. I recalled a memorable battle with a unit of the horde with an old school friend, Russell Parsons, over his pool table in the antic of his mothers Bungalow in Sandford, Dorset in 1990. Lichen set out to represent bushes and lollypop stick fences in abundance! After the game, I remembered packing up the miniatures in a plastic ice-cream tub and going home. Well, I found the tub in the garage! Sadly, the passage of the years had not been kind to them but I managed to salvage four grim reapers, two archers, three mounted skeletal horsemen and ten skeletons with hand weapons. I was going to dettol the lot but my wife suggested that I kept them as a reminder of my childhood painting style.

Well, here they are...

It seems that I used quite a bit of yellowy orange as a base colour (especially around the ribs and pelvis) and drybrushed over the lot. Pretty basic compared with my methods now but I'm still slightly proud of them, considering I was 11 when I painted them.

I also found the TINMAN model! I loved this miniature back in the '80s and we used him a lot in our battles. Sadly, he was squashed by my step-brother and is broken but a rudimentary pin is sticking out of the stump so it should be fairly straight forwards to fix him. If I remember correctly, he was released in '85-'86 for use in a game designed by Jes Goodwin called 'The Good, the bad and the rusty' alongside the seminal Skrag the Slaughter and the less seminal Oxy Cetolyne.

Here he is...

I might continue on my hunt and see if I can find that game sometime in the future, I never got around to playing it but it might be a laugh.

Well, time to depart once more but before I do I encourage you to get looking in those old boxes that I know you have stashed away to see if you can uncover any hidden gems of your own.



  1. Loving the blog so far. That game was called The Cruel, The Mad and The Rusty and was in WD83 I think. I have a pdf somewhere if you'd like a copy.

  2. I have the WD in question somewhere, not sure on the number. There was a goblin fanatic as well, the mad, in the title I belive. I have the goblin and Skrag but not the tin man or Oxy. Truth be told it isn't that good...

  3. Thanks for the offer Just John but I have that issue in my collection. I had forgotten about the goblin character though and I don't own him so off to ebay it is.

    1. Love these 3E links!!1 I had been searching for them for quite awhile now. I was wondering if anyone has a pdf or link for chaos and high elves army books for 4E?