Sunday, 9 October 2016

Macrocosm Multi-Part Dwarf Crowdfund

Chris Nicholls, of Macrocosm, asked me to share with you his latest kickstarter. It is a quaint little project which hopes to produce not-so-quaint multi-part dwarfs. There are distinct whiffs of the Perry Brothers and the late, great Wayne England about these models, as you will have seen in the image above. 

Like his previous projects, this is a small scale endeavour with very clear goals. But rather than read my blatherings about Macrocosm, I shall hand you over to MR. BIG himself, Chris Nicholls. 

CH: "Macrocosm Miniatures is a small company based in Tewkesbury in the UK. We set up last year with the goal of bringing a retro style of miniatures to your tabletop. We have already run 3 successful Kickstarters in the past and we are hoping to make it a 4th with this project.We are looking to get £2000 of funding to pay for the moulding and production of several new multipart miniature ranges of 28mm Dwarves.

By joining our project as a backer you will be receiving your miniatures at a 20%+ discount (some are 33% like the Halfling horde!) on getting them at retail. You will also be reciving them well before their release dates to retail (several months in some cases). "
The project has already funded. So taking the plunge has few risks. If you fancy picking up some of these handsome little chaps just follow the link below.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about this KS.
    I'm so happy that many modern miniature manufacturers (Otherworld springs to mind) draw inspiration from the distinct aesthetic of the classic Citadel sculptors.