Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ode to Heroquest: Gorgeous Citadel Miniatures by Florian

Modesty is a vital virtue, I am sure that you will all agree. 

I often receive emails from people requesting resources or information relating to 1980s Warhammer and Rogue Trader. Rarely, do these requests come with links to check out 'modest' collections of related figures. When I clicked the link on Florian's email I was blown away by the quality of his work and immediately knew that readers of this blog would want to share in the Old School goodness.

On previous posts I have discussed by hope to own fully painted armies for all forces for Third Edition and fully painted copies of the Big Box Games circa 1988-1992. Well, here was someone who had accomplished one of those dreams of mine - a fully painted set of Heroquest minis! Not only fully painted mind, but very much in the spirit of those classic Mike McVey paintjobs of yesteryear. 

The pictures that follow need no introduction or captions. Drink in the old school Citadel goodness and feel inspired (if a not a envious)...

Absolutely outstanding I am sure that you will agree. Whilst researching these images I found these two beauties on Dakka Dakka that fans of the period my enjoy. So I include them here also.

Old School Blisters - do you remember the walls of these? Rack after rack of lead potential! 
Classic '80s minotaurs. Mmm, I'm lovin' it!


  1. Good lord - a Motley Maniac in a blister!

    Another fine nostalgia post Orly, very much enjoying my visits here.

  2. Nice post. Really like his figures.

  3. Those Hero Quest figures where the first figures I ever painted. I used Humbrol enamels, no undercoat and didn't know how to properly clean my brushes so after on session they were a paint clogged unusable mess!

  4. Nice, lovely paint job, though I'm equally impressed by the fact he got them off their integral bases. Heroquest minis appear to have been made out of the hardest plastic available to humankind.

  5. Pretty! I had a hell of a job with the chaos warriors, the one on the box is beautiful. Have to try again now I have better brushes! Nice clean paint jobs on those. Slightly sad the stone bases aren't more varied in colour to match the rather lurid floors of the board.

  6. wow he painted those up a treat, I really must get round to painting up my TWO sets of Hero Quest figures.....