Monday 22 October 2012

eBay's Not Dead: Bizarre bargains

Check out this beautiful victory! Recently received via the Royal Mail and waiting to join the other creatures of chaos in the 'Jar of Eternal Stench' (Dettol Jam Jar).

Eight Realm of Chaos Beastmen, seven of which are 1989 Bob Olley sculpts. Bought by me for £6.84 about a week ago. Yet at the same time many of these models were available singly for £4 or even £5 and people were buying, yet these beauties were ignored!!

Such madness, yet it happens from time to time on eBay, doesn't it?

£6.84 was robbery really. I metaphorically stole these from their previous owner due to the vaguaries of auctions and I am thoroughly pleased with myself.

Am I alone in this? Or do other bloggers have similar tales of insane victories and bizarre bargains? Can you beat my beastmen for a good online deal?

Stories please!



  1. Nicely done! I have managed a few of these in my time. The Jes Goodwin fimir for less than a tenner, the chaos dwarf whirlwind for a fiver, over twenty Bob Naismith undead for around fifteen, (I think it was), as well as three old metal undead cavalry and some of the old school zombies. Ah, there's gold in them thar auctions...

  2. A truly great score. Although it is a bit of a shame if they are going to go right into that jar of yours. I think the colour combination that the previous owner chose is brilliant for them. Wouldn't it be interesting to respect that choice and apply your painting talent to bring them fully to life? Anyway, just a thought 'cause I want these guys for myself in exactly those colours!

  3. Nice haul indeed. I've had some very pleasant and generous transactions through fellow forum members on the LAF. I'm always astounded by folk who selflessly donate minis for the good of one of my mad projects :)

    Best ebay buy would have to be my mint in box Lead Belcher - can't remember the exact price but I'm sure it was under a tenner!

    Recently scored a load of Tom Meier Lizardmen and 5 or 6 of his much sought after Troglodytes for around £10 as well.

    Its the gambles you take on lots that only have 1 blurry pic of a mound of preslottas that are really fun - last one I got had a load of the old Half Orcs, a few Hobgoblins I'd been after and some cool D&D type adventurers.

  4. I got a fimir for about a fiver last year because the blister was labelled 'humanoid monster' and the seller didn't know any different. Oops, let the cat out of the bag now... everyone will be wanting one! Also picked up some snots for my exciting new project because they were listed as 'tiny goblins'. And on a different note, "A Teist in the Myth" by Blind Guardian, or, as the seller listed it, Bling Guardian. Love typos on ebay if you can find 'em!

  5. Nice catch! I wonder if people are just put off by the prospect of a strip and repaint?

  6. I grab a few bargains on ebay, just takes awhile. Last bargain i grabbed was 2 Metal Purestrains, a metal Hybrid and a Magus for £6. Made my week.

  7. A small bunch of '80's nurgle champions. 'Tech weapon', 'Mace', 'Fly mutation and axe', and 'Sword 3'. Got 'em so long ago I can't remember what I paid for them, but it was peanuts, and seems more like it all the time.

    ('Mace' was the only painted one, and I only just put him in a jar today. Testing Fairy power spray. If you think Dettol's good give this stuff a try!)

  8. Not on eBay, but I bought Hero Quest (complete except for one cardboard piece) and undamaged apart from a broken sword on an orc for $3AUD at an op shop... That's about a pound fifty.