Friday 12 October 2012

New Project! New Blog!

To help me organise my different gaming and painting interests and stop things getting cluttered I like to keep things on different blogs.

Having mentioned that I was interested in starting something different after the success of my last year long Realm of Chaos campaign (and the small steps I have taken towards Rogue Trader) I am pleased to report a new blog is now up and running for my DARK FUTURE campaign.

Here's the link!

If you're interested in this late 80s GW game or even if you are not I'd like to welcome you along for the journey!

See you there!



  1. I'll certainly be interested in watching this a big fan of Car Wars back in the day I was always interested in this game but never took the plunge.



  2. Interesting - not a game I ever had any contact with.

    Think I'll go back and read my copy of Freeway Fighter (Fighting Fantasy) - its cheaper that way ;)

  3. GW still have the trademark on the name "DARK FUTURE". Weirdos!