Saturday 21 July 2012

Oldhammer T-Shirt + Another Idiot = An idiot in an Oldhammer T-Shirt?

Here's my attempt at jumping on Erny's Bandwagon with some 'amusing' shots of me proudly wearing my new Oldhammer T-Shirt.

Ripping open the celephane reminded me of far off days when I attended music gigs and bought dubious T-Shirts by 90s bands such as The Wildhearts, 3 Colours Red and Sepultura.

The smell was the same!

I resisted the urge to tear off the sleeves, wear a leather jacket and grow a handlebar moustache....



  1. take this picture for an article of Oldhammer in the web ok?

    Nice blog and great ideas :)

  2. I love your wallpaper. The t-shirts are a great idea too.